5 gambling tips you can learn from James Bond

James Bond is one of the most famous movie characters of all time, with the film series loved by millions around the world.

As a secret agent, Ian Fleming’s Bond is adept at many things, one being gambling. There has always been an appeal for movies that incorporate gambling, and Bond has that aura which is perfectly suited to playing the perfect hand. Hence the reason why he is regularly seen at gaming tables and casinos, but what can we learn from 007, who always seems to come out on top?

Develop your skills

James Bond didn’t get good at gambling overnight. When he plays at the tables in the movies, he always seems to come out on top. And that’s because he’s able to make the right decisions at the right time, using all his skill and experience. Practice makes perfect in most instances and reading up on games and strategy will help too. To be anywhere near as talented and successful as Bond you need to work at it first.

Master multiple games

Now, mastering one casino game is all well and good, but 007 is skilled at several, and this is advantageous. If you’re able to play multiple to a reasonable level, there’s more chance you will be successful when playing at a casino. Bond famously enjoyed a variant of baccarat known as chemin de fer but was equally skilled at craps and poker. Again, practice makes perfect, but if you can develop a good understanding of several games it will be to your advantage.

Looking the part

In many instances, confidence can be a useful skill when it comes to gambling, and if you can increase it somewhat, you may have a better degree of success. Looking the part when you head to casino, for example, will make you feel a million dollars, and this was something Bond took very seriously. Agent 007 always turned up looking sharp, and this saw his confidence levels soar, and could well be one of the primary reasons for his gambling successes.

Location, location, location

Where you play can prove to be essential when it comes to gambling too, and it certainly was for James. His adventures certainly take him all over the world. So it stands to reason he has played in some of the most excellent casinos around the globe. And when you combine the location with looking the part, you have a potent combination on your hands. So, if you can, check out some of the top venues around out, and go there looking the part, it could prove to be a killer combination which allows you to clean up.

Trust your instincts

Yes, you need a degree of skill and all the above if you’re to have a successful time gambling. However, we saw in the James Bond movies how 007 at times relied on instinct and intuition, and it more often than not paid off for the super sleuth. Now, you’re not going to have these gut feelings when you’re just starting out, but the more you play and the more experience you gather, the more these natural pointers will appear.