5 of the best British movies about love and relationships

Films about love can melt even the coldest heart and make a woman happy in a relationship, paint everything around with bright colors, and fill the surrounding space with kindness.

It is always difficult to talk about love, and it is even more difficult to make films about love – the line between sensuality and cloying, tragedy and drama is too thin. But British films have a unique charm, humor, and unchanging nobility.

So, we offer you the most romantic British films that will allow you to better understand this beautiful feeling.


Pride and Prejudice

This is the old English film about love, based on the novel of the same name by Jane Austen. This story happens in England, in the 18th century. The Bennett family is trying to arrange for their daughters “profitable” marriages. Mainly, this is Lizzy’s love story about how her initial prejudice and disgust for the arrogant Mr. Darcy is gradually replaced by love. And Mr. Darcy sacrifices his pride to help Lizzy’s family and earn her respect and love.

The film shows not only the good play of actors and the beauty of the English countryside. This is a well-thought-out film that families can enjoy together. It makes them think about the problems of growth, relatives, history, culture, and family relationships. In addition, it can attract new readers to Jane Austen’s books and other literature of that period.


Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre has been filmed 10 times already: there were films and TV shows. A new film version appeared in 2011 with Mia Wasikowska in the main role. The action takes place in 19th-century England. We follow Jane Eyre from her saddest orphan childhood to adulthood.

We learn that Jane is very passionate, but she also has very clear and strict Christian principles. She refuses her love for Mr. Edward Rochester because she has known that he is married, although his wife was insane. However, Jane’s nature can be forgiving and romantic, and, in the end, love still wins.


Bridget Jones’s Diary

The action mainly takes place in London. Bridget Jones is a 31-year-old charming and witty woman who still has neither children nor a husband. The heroine often drinks wine, smokes, and likes to eat a slice of pizza before going to bed. Every Christmas, a girl goes to visit her parents.

And every time, her provincial father and mother unsuccessfully try to marry their unprofitable daughter for some very positive and respectable man. Having visited her parents’ house on another Christmas Eve and having met there a new boring candidate the role of groom, Bridget decides that it is enough for her and starts a new life.


Easy Virtue

A young Englishman John is returning to his native home with his newly minted American wife. It seems that nothing can darken the happiness of the newlyweds. But the mother-in-law categorically refuses to put up with the peculiar views and behavior of the daughter-in-law.

The picture masterfully conveys traditional English foundations, customs, and etiquette. Perhaps one of its main advantages can be called a great cast: Colin Firth, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jessica Biel, and Ben Barnes.


Love Actually

Christmas comes to England and unusual things start to happen. Some fall in love and disperse, while others are still desperately alone and looking for someone special. This is a story about eight couples who follow the call of their hearts and demonstrate true love.

People of all ages are subject to this feeling because if you look around, it becomes clear that love is everywhere.