Bingo as seen in the movies

For years, bingo has been one of the most popular forms of gaming both online and offline.

While bingo died a minor death in the mid-00s after a major boom in the 80s and 90s, it’s already in the process of revival. You see, bingo gets a huge boost from the rise of the online gaming scene. Now, instead of going to the bingo with your mates, you could sit in the house and play together on sites like which allow for multi-player bingo through several devices. While going to the old bingo hall is still fun, seeing bingo on the TV can be equally as funny. Where, though, are you most likely to spot bingo in entertainment?

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Though it’s not a movie, the scene with Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm has always drawn many a laugh. His humour is a major part of the show, and his ability to be able to make the most awkward possible moments is quite impressive. The bingo scene is outstanding, and is arguably the best example of bingo in some form of entertainment, with his usual patter creating some standout moments.

Hotel Transylvania

A good example of bingo being played in movies comes from the 2012 movie Hotel Transylvania. In this part of the movie, you get to see the various entities of the movie taking part in a game of bingo. It’s a good one as it’s light-hearted and comical, but it shows the audience just how easy it is to even play bingo in the first place.

Some see it as a complex game for some reason; something that this scene does a great job of debunking.


While not many people are a fan of the 2009 movie Rampage for various reasons, the bingo scene is one of the better moments in the movie. You can see the whole crowd entirely enamoured by their bingo games while the killer makes his way through the various parts of the bingo hall. The people are so engrossed in their game, that they don’t even notice the vicious carnage that’s about to take place!

King of the Bingo Game

This is a game that is all about a New York resident who is struggling and depressed due to poverty and a lack of opportunity. However, he finds bingo and in that moment he also finds a few key steps towards his salvation. He sees bingo as a form of escapism, and uses it to his full advantage throughout the movie.

Bad Grandpa

While it might not be the best movie ever, Bad Grandpa is a film where you can get a good example of bingo being shown on the big screen. The bingo game scene in this gets downright hilarious because of the addition of the ridiculous behaviour of the grandfather in this one. He even starts drinking the bingo marker fluid – it’s definitely a highlight for bingo on the big screen!

So, what moments on the big screen and beyond can you think of that shows us bingo in all of its glory?