Did you take the right bet on ‘Game of Thrones’?

Ever since the beginning of the first episode all those years back in April 2011, one question has intrigued the fans of Game of Thrones – who will finally get the Iron Throne.

And as the series inched closer to its bloody climax in 2019, the debates reached a feverish crescendo.

With so much drama and suspense packed in, Game of Thrones had a massive global fan-following. With bookmakers always on the lookout for promising new markets, the series and its devout fan base presented the perfect target for sportsbooks.

Given the twists in the finale, it is time to take stock of how some of those bets played out. If for some reason, you are yet to finish the series, turn back now to avoid SPOILERS. And if you are sad to see the end of this amazing series, you can still get your GOT fix with this no deposit free slot game.


GoT Death Matchups – How They Ended Up

As a series that made it a habit of killing off fan-favorite characters in gruesome fashion, death matchups were inevitable for Game of Thrones, especially in the climactic season. Given the vast number of characters just waiting to get killed, this market was pretty crowded as the last season loomed close.

Here are some of the more interesting matchups, and how they panned out in the end:


Sansa Stark vs Arya Stark

Given that Arya is the one constantly facing danger as an assassin, the odds were on her to perish in the final season. But in the end, both characters survived, with Sansa the politician ending the series as the Queen of the North.


The Dragon Death Match

Between Viserion, Rhaegal, and Drogon, there were three combatants in this matchup ever since the series began. Of the three brothers, it was Viserion who perished first at the hands of the Night King, only to be reanimated as a fierce wight (ice dragon). Of the remaining duo, Rhaegal perished at the hands of Euron Greyjoy, leaving Drogon as the sole survivor.


Greyjoy vs. Greyjoy vs. Greyjoy

There were three characters belonging to Clan Greyjoy in the death matchups, with the long-suffering Theon Greyjoy joined by his sister Yara Greyjoy and their uncle Euron Greyjoy. Yara was the only one out of the trio to survive until the end, and she was the odds on favorite to do so. Theon died first at the Battle of Winterfell, soon followed by his uncle at the Battle of Kings Landing.


Cersei vs. Jaime vs. Tyrion

Of the Lannister siblings, big money was on Cersei to die first, given her status as the main antagonist towards the end of the series. And this proved to be true, though she was joined by her brother/lover Jaime in final episodes of the series. Crafty as ever, Tyrion was never expected to die and that proved to be the case.


Brienne of Tarth vs. Tormund Giantsbane

This was a bit of a tough one to call, given that both were fan favorites. But thankfully, neither character perished in the final season, with Brienne getting appointed as the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and Tormund joining Jon Snow at the Wall.


Sitting on the Iron Throne vs. Ruler of Westeros

This was the million dollar question that has dominated the debates surrounding GoT right from the beginning. There were many popular candidates:

  • Daenerys
  • Jon Snow
  • Bran Stark
  • Sansa Stark
  • Tyrion Lannister

But the twisted ending made things really complicated as far as wagers were concerned. In many instances, the winners were decided by the wording of the question.

For instance, Ladbrokes were accepting bets on the question: “who will sit on the Iron Throne?” In the end, Bran Stark is elected as the next king, but technically, he never gets to sit on the throne as it gets destroyed by an enraged and grieving Drogon.

So at least in the case of this Ladbrokes bet, the winners were those who selected the option “the Iron Throne remains vacant.”

In the case of other bookmakers who took bets on the question “Who would rule Westeros” the winners were, of course, those who went with the odds-on favorite, Bran Stark. Even in the complicated world of Westeros, the bookies managed to get their odds correct!


Folks who made the right predictions

Ever since the end of the series, the web has been awash with reports of people who correctly predicted the outcome of Game of Thrones. Buzzfeed has a comprehensive list of ordinary Twitter users who got their bets right, some as far back as four years ago!

Many celebrities also joined the fray as the excitement grew around the season 8 finale. The famous author of spooky stories, Stephen King thought that both Jon and Dani would end up dead and that Tyrion would end up on the throne.

Elizabeth Banks wanted the ladies to get all the power, with Sansa and Yara pipping all the dirty men to the throne, with Arya as the Hand. Sadly, this feminist vision did not come to pass, though Sansa did get the North to secede under her rule.

White House aspirant Senator Elizabeth Warren waded into the debate with a longish essay of her own, rooting for Dani Targaryen. That did not turn out well for her, to say the least!

Perhaps the most impressive predictions were the ones made years ago, with GoT actor Finn Jones correctly predicting Bran Stark’s victory and the destruction of the Iron Throne.