How else can we get involved with period drama?

When it comes to period dramas, it’s not just Sunday night TV fans who are clamouring to see some ruffs, some corsets, and hear of some scandal via messenger boy.

We are still desperate for more news of the Downtown Abbey movie, set to take place shortly after the end of the series. But the period theme – which covers everything from medieval drama to the War of the Roses, past Henry VIII and his offspring, through Edwardian and Victorian England to even stretch as far as World War 2 – still manages to capture our interest. But, how else are period themes used in our entertainment, from video games to online casinos, and even in the real world?

British Period Themed Gaming

Games developers don’t just reach up into space or into a hat of ‘what if’ questions, they sometimes hark back to the not-so-distant past to take inspiration for their games. Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings is set in feudal England and consists of tropes found in period dramas of the time.

There are castles and fights for supremacy, and people daubed in all the finery expected of the time. The mystery adventure series following the adventures of Sherlock Holmes is set during Victorian times, as per the original material, and features a look at London at the turn of the century.

British Period Themed Online Casino

Even semi-period drama Game of Thrones has an online version of its game in the form of free spins slots and allows players to attempt feats of luck and strength that might be seen in the show, with incentives to entice even the cursory fan, as this bonus list for Royal Vegas shows. The popularity of the show, and of period dramas in general, allows for interesting material when it becomes a game.

The trend for using period costumes as a theme for online slots is also fairly prevalent and gives players an example of what they can expect from the game. This encompasses anything from those themed around anything kings and queens related to life in Victorian England to even specific Guy Fawkes themes. While many would cite the differences between online casino and period drama, both provide a contextual basis for the traditional gameplay and the drama of the narrative respectively.

British Period Themed Conventions

It’s not just that you’re able to connect with period pieces like Victoria or Gunpowder on the TV, conventions and events are held that will help you get into the spirit of what it might have been like in Britain at the time. Cabbagetown in Toronto helps hold a festival to celebrate the enclave of Victorian style houses that are still intact to show what life was like for those who had moved to Canada in the 1800s.

Mixing traditional period attire with a modern kick can also be done at a number of steampunk gatherings. Quebec and Ontario both fly the flag for a selection of days where you can attend events and gather together dressed in Victorian garb to get a feel for what they might have worn back then.

British period dramas are constantly flashing onto our screens, and their popularity is riding high across other forms of entertainment. Whether it’s the costumes, the drama, or the fact we are more comfortable with the distant past, the British period drama will continue to gain popularity.