This is how British citizens watch Sling TV

Sling TV, Dish Network’s online streaming service has been the talk of town since its launch in 5th January, 2015.

As the first multichannel live TV to be streamed online, Sling offers convenience to many users who can’t keep up with their favorite TV shows and movies via cable TV because of busy schedules. With Sling TV, you can get access to varied channels like ESPN, CNN, AMC, Disney channel and History Channels all for very affordable rates.

The only problem is that Sling TV is only available in the United States. Unless something happens in the near future, this TV service will not be available in other countries any time soon. Lucky, for British citizens and other countries outside U.S., there’s away to work around to this.

How does Sling TV differ from other satellite and cable providers?

Sling TV has quite a following only four years after its inception. Why is this so? The following reasons try to explain it:

  • It is very affordable (the cheapest package goes for $25 per month)
  • Instead of cable boxes or some kind of TV-connected device, Sling’s game console runs free on Sling TV app.
  • You can watch content from anywhere on multiple devices – tablets, phones, and computers
  • There are zero contracts. You can cancels or pick up your service anytime your please without any penalty

How to watch Sling TV in the UK

No doubt, if you want to consume Sling TV’s content of over 150 channels, you have to live and work in the United States. What if this is not an option for you? That’s where Smart DNS proxy and VPN come into play. These two tools let you go around Sling’s restrictions and get access to the service just like any other American.

Below is a detailed explanation of how to use each of the methods to enjoy watching Sling TV on any device in the UK.

  1. Through a VPN

VPN, or private virtual network, is a technique of bypassing geo-restricted borders. When you have VPN installed in your laptop, phone, or tablet, you gain immediate access to any country of your choosing. Instead of your device displaying your current location, your connection is rerouted through a server (located in your preferred country) giving you the IP address of the country where that specific server is located. This way, you technically appear to be located in the US. You can then go ahead and enjoy premium services through the latest Sling TV promo codes without breaking your bank.

Running a VPN is a rather safe way of unblocking geo-restricted websites. It protects your identity by not transferring raw data across the internet. It is virtually difficult (if not impossible) for anyone to trace any VPN activity to your identity.

  1. Through a smart DNS proxy

Smart DNS proxy has a much simpler albeit unsafe approach to geo-border bypass than VPN. Instead or rerouting your connection to US servers through encrypting all your data, Smart DNS Proxy offers an address of a specific proxy that pushes your request to your preferred site. In essence, this technique just picks out the appropriate data that shows your geographical location then reroutes it. Even though you still enjoy watching Sling TV via this method, it is frankly not the safest choice.

If you want to watch your favorite British shows on Sling TV, you can do it at the comfort of your home in the U.K. Just be sure to get trustworthy and reliable providers lest you leave a trace behind that leads back to you in the long run.