Top 10 most popular characters in ‘The Durrells’ revealed – as voted by you!

With the cast of the The Durrells returning to Corfu this summer to film the fourth season, we’ve been asking fans a big question.

Over the past few months, we asked you to vote for your favourite ever The Durrells character.

Thousands of you took part in our poll and, now that we’ve counted up all the votes, we can reveal the Top 10.

It was a very close call between the top two characters, with the winner taking 22.53% of the votes and the runner-up taking 21.84% – can you guess which character in The Durrells is the most popular?


10. Florence Petrides


9. Sven Lundblad


8. Dr. Theo Stephanides


7. Lugaretzia


6. Leslie Durrell


5. Gerry Durrell


4. Margo Durrell


3. Larry Durrell


2. Louisa Durrell


1. Spiros Halikiopoulos


The first two seasons of The Durrells are available to buy on DVD now.

Season 3 will air in the US later this year on Masterpiece on PBS.