Modern art: Art or trash?

We tend to think that the art is something that we see in the historical museums, galleries, and different exhibitions.

It is something that tells us the former history, gives us the opportunity to look back and try to understand the life in the past. However, the art is eternal, omnipresent, and alive. It does not finish in the past; it continues to grow, to develop, and to transform. The art is an essential part of life.

It is not bordered by rules, cliches, or requirements. It is liberty, the ability to comprehend the deep meaning of usual things and to show this comprehension to the others. The modern art is rich and various; it is a brave breakthrough in the art history.

Art: past and these days

Many artists and experts believe, that the art we have nowadays is not an art. It differs significantly from the masterpieces made in the past. As they say in their research paper writings, the reason for such change is that there are no standards anymore. The famous artists up to the twentieth century followed three rules of the master.

  • The work has to demand the highest standards of excellence.
  • The work has to exceed or at least to consort with the work of previous masters.
  • The work has to aspire to the highest quality attainable.

Those rules ensured the profound, the inspiration and the beauty of the artworks.

However, in the twentieth century, those standards were canceled. Their places were occupied with New, Different, and Mediocre. That replacing caused the flow of the silly, pointless, and purely offensive works that do not deserve to be called “an art”. If you open the book written by the expert or the article written by writing service, you will find that nowadays philosophy of art is that the beauty hides in the eyes of the watchers. It is all about personal expression, opinions, and beliefs.

Nowadays we have numbers of different movements and styles in painting. Some of them can be considered as a chaos, others look like there were made by a toddler, the others resemble the real photos. Experts often argue about the modern painting because they do not have a clear characteristic of what is the art and what is not. Practically, each picture tells a story.

It reflects the mood, feelings, and thoughts of an artist, it is chained to the surroundings an artist live in, and it hides subconscious ideas and desires. The question about what should be considered as an art is one of the most common questions for the custom essay writing service.

On the other hand, modern architecture is something unfathomable. Some buildings are the true masterpieces because they are beautiful, impressive, and symbolizing. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, we have an opportunity to build the kinematic buildings, the buildings that contradict the laws of physic, the exceptional and unique buildings. Nevertheless, it does not mean that all modern buildings are the art pieces.

The art of sculpting also has encountered the ambiguous changes. Some sculptures are the examples of the true art while others look like a trash. Sometimes the artist put some usual thing on the stand and call it an artwork. However, some modern sculptures demonstrate the unlimited talent of an artist. Such works deserve to be described in the books and thesis writings; they deserve to be an art.

To conclude, it is unreasonable to state that modern art is a trash, an ugly work, something that is far from the true art. It is expedient to look at it from different perspectives because of everything in the world changes in the frantic pace. The art is not an exception, so it is impossible to judge the modern art through the “glasses of the past”.