‘Call the Midwife’ recap: What happened in Season 9 Episode 2?

The ninth season of Call the Midwife continued in the UK tonight.

The BBC’s hit period drama series about a group of nurse midwives working in the East End of London is back with eight brand new episodes.

Here’s a plot recap for Season 9’s second episode, which aired at 8pm on Sunday 12th January 2020 on BBC One:

Leading up to Mother’s Day, the team must survive Lent and are forced to give up more than just cigarettes and sugar.

A thief has been pinching their milk as well.

With some covert spying, Fred and Sister Monica Joan are able to catch the thief – glamorous, shop-soiled Tina, a young woman with chipped nail varnish and layered make-up.

She pleads with Sisters Julienne and Monica Joan, explaining that she’s been stealing milk for her pregnancy.

Sister Julienne wants to help Tina and encourages her to come to clinic where they can help provide everything she needs, so she won’t have to keep stealing milk.

Tina turns out to be rather a good storyteller: she claims this is her first pregnancy, but Shelagh discovers her episiotomy scar, prompting Tina to confess that she already has a son, but he lives with his father in America.

She is also confirmed to have a venereal disease, which brings her into the care of the maternity home.

As Sister Julienne learns more about Tina, she is convinced that this woman needs help to become the mother she wants to be.

Meanwhile, a gentle romance is blooming between Miss Higgins and Sergeant Woolf, and Laverne’s mother, Florrie, is beginning to have trouble with her memory.

Season 8 is available on DVD on Amazon.