‘Dalgliesh’ Season 2 Episode 2 recap: ‘Death of an Expert Witness – Part 2’

The new season of Dalgliesh continued in the UK tonight!

Based on the Dalgliesh stories by P.D. James, the 1970s-set crime drama series is back for a second run on Acorn TV and Channel 5,

Bertie Carvel (Doctor Foster) reprises his role as the show’s titular Detective Chief Inspector in six brand new episodes, with guest stars including Daisy Waterstone (The Durrells), Sorcha Cusack (Father Brown), David Bamber (Flesh & Blood), and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse).

If you missed the first season of Dalgliesh, you can catch up on Acorn TV with a free 7-day trial!

Watch the Season 2 trailer here:

The second part of ‘Death of an Expert Witness’ premiered at 9pm on Friday 28th April 2023 on Channel 5 in the UK and is streaming on Acorn TV in the US:

Here’s a plot recap:

Dalgliesh inspects the body of poor Stella Mawson in the chapel behind Hoggatt’s laboratory.

Domenica explains that she and Lorrimer used to meet here for sex, using the hymn board to arrange each rendezvous. DI Doyle is briefly in the spotlight but offers alibis for the nights of both murders.

Dalgliesh and Miskin visit an inconsolable Angela Foley. She insists Stella was with her on the night of Lorrimer’s murder, but appears to be withholding something.

Later, Angela accuses Doyle of killing Stella but he convinces her otherwise. Eventually she reveals that Stella went out on the night of Lorrimer’s death.

Brenda tells Dalgliesh that she witnessed Lorrimer shouting at Rollinson’s children last Thursday, and that she once saw Domenica and Rollinson sitting together at a concert. Could there be rivalry between Lorrimer and Rollinson?

Dalgliesh and Miskin race to Rollinson’s house. Here, Miss Willard reveals that Rollinson was indeed having an affair with Domenica and that she told Lorrimer about it in the hope of forcing it to a close.

Meanwhile, Rollinson’s furious young daughter Nell claims she killed Lorrimer using witchcraft.

Dalgliesh and Miskin are called to the clunch pit where another body has been found.

Rollinson is at the scene. Dalgliesh confronts Rollinson, who confesses to killing Lorrimer after Lorrimer threatened to expose Rollinson’s affair and thus blow apart his family.

Panicky, Rollinson then killed the only witness, Stella, after she asked him for hush money.

Dalgliesh is available to watch on Acorn TV with a free 7-day trial.