‘Dalgliesh’ Season 2 Episode 4 recap: ‘A Certain Justice – Part 2’

The new season of Dalgliesh continued in the UK tonight!

Based on the Dalgliesh stories by P.D. James, the 1970s-set crime drama series is back for a second run on Acorn TV and Channel 5,

Bertie Carvel (Doctor Foster) reprises his role as the show’s titular Detective Chief Inspector in six brand new episodes, with guest stars including Daisy Waterstone (The Durrells), Sorcha Cusack (Father Brown), David Bamber (Flesh & Blood), and Jeremy Irvine (War Horse).

If you missed the first season of Dalgliesh, you can catch up on Acorn TV with a free 7-day trial!

Watch the Season 2 trailer here:

The second part of ‘A Certain Justice’ premiered at 9pm on Friday 5th May 2023 on Channel 5 in the UK and is streaming on Acorn TV in the US.

Here’s a plot recap:

Kynaston and Dalgliesh deduce that Janet Carpenter’s death is a case of murder disguised as suicide.

It’s now clear that in the wake of her personal tragedies, Janet moved to London to get close to Venetia. Did she hire a hitman to kill her?

Dalgliesh and Miskin take statements from Janet’s colleagues. Old Ulrick corroborates his son’s story, signing his statement “Desmond Campbell Ulrick”. Drysdale Laud admits to a brief affair with Venetia.

Octavia tells Miskin that she and Garry are going birdwatching together. Miskin is honest: she thinks it’s weird that Garry happened to meet Octavia in a bar right after her mother got him acquitted.

Froggart tells Dalgliesh he left the employment of Venetia’s father because the man was a sadist who bullied the schoolboys mercilessly. One boy – Marcus Campbell – took his own life because of it.

Dalgleish deduces that Marcus was Ulrick’s brother. It transpires that Janet didn’t kill Venetia, though she discovered the body and desecrated it.

In a letter to Father Presteign, Janet confesses to hiring Garry to seduce Octavia. Octavia finally realises that Garry is dangerous.

She calls Miskin from a phone box, frightened. Miskin tells her to play along until the police find them. Garry and Octavia hike to a cabin in the woods.

The police arrive outside the next morning. Garry tries to scarper, holding a knife to Octavia’s throat…

Dalgliesh is available to watch on Acorn TV with a free 7-day trial.