‘Endeavour’ Season 6 Episode 3 recap: What happened in ‘Confection’?

The sixth season of Endeavour continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for ‘Confection’, which first aired at 8pm on Sunday 24th February 2019:

The murder of renowned chocolate factory owner Greville Creswell during a local hunt leads Endeavour to the sleepy village of Chigton Green.

The chocolate box cottages and idyllic surroundings might seem perfect, but not all is as it first appears.

Meanwhile, when local couple Mandy-Jane and Rennett Bell are found dead from gunshot wounds, Thursday’s initial assumptions about a spurned husband and a doomed affair look likely.

But the discovery of a Happy Family collectible card on one of the bodies – seemingly linking the deaths back to Creswell – appear to be a sign left by the killer.

When Endeavour learns of a vicious campaign of gossip and rumour – which has utilised the same collectible cards – it seems likely that the two are connected.

One of the targets – beautiful single mother Isla Fairford – captures Endeavour’s attention and gives him food for thought about the future.

Season 6 will air in the USA this summer on Masterpiece on PBS.

The fifth season of Endeavour is available on DVD on Amazon.