‘Father Brown’ episode guide for Season 11

Father Brown is back soon with an eleventh season!

Set in 1955, ten brand new episodes began filming in the Cotswalds last summer, starring Harry Potter actor Mark Williams as the titular crime-solving cleric.

Based on the stories by GK Chesterton, the period crime drama has been a much-loved daytime hit for the BBC for over a decade.

Father Brown returns in the UK on Friday 5 January 2024 on BBC One and streaming on BBC iPlayer, airing weekly each Friday.

Over in the US, Season 11’s first two episodes will be streaming on BritBox from Tuesday 23 January 2024, with the remaining episodes dropping once a week on Tuesdays.

Here’s a look ahead at this year’s new mysteries:


Episode 1: ‘The Kembleston Olimpicks’

Written by Dan Muirden

Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) is shocked when her son Eddie (Barney Wilkinson) returns to Kembleford. She is determined to keep her new relationship with Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) a secret from everyone, although Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) know exactly what’s going on!

Soon the competitive nature of the games starts to show, with disgruntled gardener Patty Frewin (Erin Shanager) blaming Dr Geoffrey Fleming (Toby Williams) for her withdrawal from the competition, while Shirley Fraser (Amy Trigg) is also unusually edgy around the doctor.

Elsewhere, Geoffrey disqualifies his own brother Brian (Kelvin Fletcher), much to the delight of Hambleston captain, William Redshaw (Esh Alladi).

When Hambleston competitor Ursula Fanshaw (Barbara D’Alterio) is poisoned during the spinach eating contest, it soon transpires that Geoffrey was the intended target. Can Father Brown identify the killer before they strike again?


Episode 2: ‘The Forensic Nun’

Written by Neil Irvine

Father Brown (Mark Williams) is roped in to judge the life drawing competition by local shop owner Gaynor Garfield (Ingrid Oliver) at her inaugural arts and crafts fair. Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) is excited to participate but Gaynor is uncharacteristically furious when she discovers that Meryl Plunkett (Lydia Larson) has publicised the event in an art journal.

Preparation for the fair is interrupted by the arrival of renowned artist Marmaduke Snell (Edward Bennett) who leaves a trail of destruction in his wake – savagely insulting Meryl’s jewellery and threatening local artist Cyril Frogmore’s (Kenneth Collard) chances in the competition.

Elsewhere, Father Brown is delighted to see his old friend and vintner Sister Boniface (Lorna Watson) when she drops off a delivery of her wine at the fair.

When Marmaduke drops dead after drinking a glass, Father Brown becomes determined to find the culprit before Sister Boniface is charged with murder.


Episode 3: ‘The Hermit of Hazelnut Cottage’

Written by David Semple

When Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) receives a letter from Dr McClurgy (Sylvester McCoy), who took her in as an evacuee, she decides to finally ask why he suddenly sent her away to a children’s home.

Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) take Brenda to see him in nearby Butterley Rise, but soon discover that it was actually Dotty Finglesham (Melanie Walters) who wrote the letter, desperate to help Dr McClurgy.

He’s become a hermit since his home was threatened by a local housing development and is refusing to move. Landowner Lord Sprocket (Owen Brenman) is as surprised as everyone else when his developer Edward Wainsbody (Nick Blakeley) announces the entire development will move to the nearby meadow.

The locals are outraged, especially Susan Payne (Jasmine Bayes) who wishes to protect the threatened flora and fauna. When Edward’s body is found in that very meadow and Susan is arrested, Father Brown’s hunt for a killer begins.


Episode 4: ‘The Last Supper’

Written by Sarah-Louise Hawkins

Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) is roped in to help her old school friend, Harriet Sykes (Sarah Alexander), and her husband David (Geoffrey Lumb), set up the inaugural “Kemblefood”; a fayre exhibiting foods from across the world.

Even with Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) on hand to help, Mrs Devine is run ragged by Harriet’s demands. Then notorious food critic Chester Gates (Dominic Rowan) arrives, much to the horror of guest chefs Rafi Faridi (Nav Sidhu) and Lei Yen (Jasmine Chiu).

Chester announces to the crowds that he is publishing his memoirs later that year, promising that it will include many shocking revelations, which causes quite a stir amongst those gathered in the food tent…

The next morning Father Brown and Mrs Devine discover Chester dead in his hotel room and they soon suspect that his memoirs are key to unlocking this mystery…


Episode 5: ‘The Father, The Son’

Written by Tahsin Guner

Flambeau (John Light) is summoned to St Mary’s by a funeral announcement for his father Gabriel Hawksworth (Ian Gelder) in a newspaper, much to Father Brown’s (Mark Williams) surprise.

When Gabriel reveals he’s very much alive, Flambeau is immediately suspicious. Gabriel has a dangerous mission in mind: to steal a valuable artefact from notorious criminal Drake Underwood (Adrian Schiller) and give the proceeds to widowed Grace Tucker (Emily Redpath). Gabriel explains that he was involved in a robbery with Drake’s son Luther (Aaron Sidwell) that led to the death of Grace’s late husband, Elliot (Jacob Greenway).

As Father Brown and Flambeau try to determine if Gabriel can be trusted, Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) insist on coming along for the ride.

When the heist doesn’t go according to plan Flambeau and his father find themselves in the firing line – can they be reconciled before it’s too late?


Episode 6: ‘The Quill of Osric’

Written by Lol Fletcher

After the recent tragic death of infamous crime novelist Osric Wolf (Julian Harries), Lady Violet (Amanda Mealing) holds her annual crime writing weekend in his honour, with the Quill of Osric Award on offer to the most promising new writer.

Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) immerses herself in the experience by dressing up as fictional detective Lena Pavlov, and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) also gets stuck in when she realises her crime solving experience can, for once, win prizes!

Father Brown (Mark Williams) is thrilled to meet renowned writer Kingsley Wilmot (Michael Simkins), but soon senses tension between him and his anxious writer son, Jack (Jake Simmance).

Word gets out that Jack is the favourite to win the Quill of Osric, outraging fellow nominee Walter Mitford (Samuel Jordan), Lady Violet’s protégé and attracting the attention of literary agent Miss Lipton (Gemma Lawrence). Soon after Jack is attacked and left for dead and Father Brown must identify the culprit before they strike again…


Episode 7: ‘The Word of the Condemned’

Written by Dominique Moloney

Lady Felicia (Nancy Carroll) calls upon Father Brown (Mark Williams) when she becomes suspicious that convicted “bride killer”, Samuel Harrow (Paul McEwan), is not responsible for the death of one of his ‘victims’, Lady Felicia’s goddaughter, Sophie Blackthorn. Father Brown visits Harrow in prison, who confirms he did not kill Sophie; so who did?

Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) join Father Brown and Lady Felicia at the private opening of the Blackthorn Institute, a scientific establishment funded by Sophie’s husband Ralph Blackthorn (David Burnett).

During their tour the gang notice Ella Blackthorn (Kate Bracken) is over-protective of her brother Ralph and that lab assistant Audrey Hatby (Belinda Owusu), clearly disliked Sophie’s family.

Meanwhile, scientist Daniel Price (Tom Bulpett) confronts the arrogant Professor Prichard (Silas Carson) with a theory regarding Sophie’s death and before long is found killed. Trapped in a storm, Father Brown must apprehend the killer before they take another life…


Episode 8: ‘The Last Tango in Kembleford’

Written by Rebecca Ramsden

When Gillian Fletcham (Saskia Strallen) reveals a talent scout is heading to Kembleford to find dancers for TV sensation ‘Go Dancing’, Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) are delighted.

As the showcase nears, Father Brown (Mark Williams) is shocked at how cut throat the world of competitive dancing is. Gillian dumps her regular dance partner, her brother Derek Fletcham (Adam Rhys-Charles), in favour of Italian Stallion Mario Cantoloni (Tom McCall), while award-winning couple Pauline Danbury (Angela Terence) and Robert Danbury (Steven Meo), find the pressure a strain on their relationship.

The very next day, Gillian is found murdered at the dance school. Derek is firmly in the frame, but Father Brown isn’t convinced and investigates the dancing rivalries. Can Father Brown find out the truth before the Talent Scout (Kevin Clifton) arrives in Kembleford?

Meanwhile Mrs Devine is whisked off her feet by an unexpectedly talented dancer…


Episode 9: ‘The Dead of Night’

Written by Sarah Anson

When housekeeper Janice Higgins (Lois Pearson) races into St Mary’s asking for help, Father Brown (Mark Williams) is only too happy to oblige. Janice’s employer, Bernard Ross (Nicholas Woodeson), now believes that his daughter, Louisa Ross (Bethan Leyshon), who died a year previously has become a vampire.

Father Brown and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood) visit Ross Manor only to find Gilbert Gallamore (Nicholas Asbury) and vampire hunter Silas O’Hagan (Ray Fearon) whipping Bernard into a frenzy, much to the disapproval of Bernard’s sister-in-law Christine Kipley (Josie Lawrence).

Tensions are high between the group at dinner that evening and the next morning Gilbert is found dead, with bite marks on his neck. The vampire hysteria spreads, with Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakely) fearing the worst when a poorly Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) recoils at sunlight.

Can Father Brown demystify the vampire rumours before Bernard and indeed Kembleford, are consumed by dark thoughts?

Episode 10: ‘The Scars of War’

Written by Dan Muirden

Eddie Devine (Barney Wilkinson) returns to mark the 10-year anniversary of the end of World War II. It’s an emotional time for him and Mrs Devine (Claudie Blakley) as they honour the late Home Guard officer Ronald Devine (Darren Seed) alongside Father Brown (Mark Williams) and Brenda (Ruby-May Martinwood).

When special guest Captain Fred Howton (Andrew Scarborough) arrives, there’s an unease amongst the villagers. Widow Rachel Waterson (Ayesha Antoine) gives Fred the cold shoulder, whilst Fred argues with conscientious objector Oscar Treadwell (Russell Layton).

Later, local lad John Carson (Alexander Cobb) reveals a shocking secret about the night Ronald died to a drunk Eddie, who soon after throws a punch at Fred.

The next day Fred is discovered shot dead in the street and when the incriminating gun is found in Eddie’s possession Chief Inspector Sullivan (Tom Chambers) asks for Father Brown’s help. Can they prove Eddie’s innocence before it tears Mrs Devine and Sullivan’s relationship apart?


Father Brown is available to watch on BritBox.