‘Father Brown’ Season 8 Episode 6 recap: What happened in ‘The Numbers of The Beast’?

The eighth season of Father Brown continued in the UK today.

Based on the stories by GK Chesterton, the popular daytime crime drama is back with ten brand new episodes.

Set in the Cotswolds during the early 1950s, Father Brown stars Mark Williams (Harry Potter) as the titular clerical sleuth.

Here’s a plot recap for Season 8’s sixth episode, ‘The Numbers of The Beast’, which aired at 2.15pm on Monday 13th January 2020 on BBC One:

Mrs McCarthy (Sorcha Cusack) is stunned when her sister Roisin (Niamh Cusack) arrives in Kembleford. Roisin’s made friends with a fortune-teller named Trafalgar Devlin (Grant Masters) and wants Mrs McCarthy to meet him.

Over a cup of tea, Trafalgar predicts the winning jackpot line numbers for the Hambleston Church bingo event run by Samuel Hinds (Nigel Betts).

Later, at the church bingo, Mrs McCarthy buys a card with Trafalgar’s numbers on it and wins the jackpot prize, much to her astonishment!

Meanwhile Anna Bailey (Alison Pargeter) is keen to speak to Father Brown (Mark Williams) urgently about some fraud she’s discovered.

When Father Brown goes to see her the next morning to discuss the matter, he finds her dead.

Her husband Peter (Graeme Hawley) is holding a bloodied murder weapon, and insisting it wasn’t him. But is Peter telling the truth?

Father Brown is available on DVD on Amazon.