‘Father Brown’ Season 8 Episode 8 recap: What happened in ‘The Curse of the Aesthetic’?

The eighth season of Father Brown continued in the UK today.

Based on the stories by GK Chesterton, the popular daytime crime drama is back with ten brand new episodes.

Set in the Cotswolds during the early 1950s, Father Brown stars Mark Williams (Harry Potter) as the titular clerical sleuth.

Here’s a plot recap for Season 8’s eighth episode, ‘The Curse of the Aesthetic’, which aired at 2.15pm on Wednesday 15th January 2020 on BBC One:

Tortured artist Benjamin Milton (George Webster) struggles to contain his emotions when an exhibition at his estate, Milton Manor, dedicated to his ‘muse’ Isabella (Isabella Peroux), doesn’t go to plan.

A bust of her likeness is defaced; and a suspected attempt on his life is made when art collector Conrad French (Justin Avoth) tries to enter Benjamin’s studio and is electrocuted.

Meanwhile Benjamin is also at loggerheads with his sister Katie (Rhiannon Neads) over his share of the estate, which they both occupy.

He also has to fend off the unwanted advances of would-be life model Rose (Danielle Phillips).

Things get even worse when his housekeeper Nanny Ribble (Harriet Thorpe) is found murdered, with a knitting needle stuck in her neck.

It’s down to Father Brown (Mark Williams) to work out who is responsible for Nanny Ribble’s death, and who would want to kill Benjamin and why.

Father Brown is available on DVD on Amazon.