‘Gentleman Jack’ recap: What happened in Episode 7?

Gentleman Jack continued on BBC One in the UK tonight.

Based on the diaries of Anne Lister, played by Doctor Foster star Suranne Jones, the series is created, written and directed by Last Tango In Halifax creator Sally Wainwright.

Here’s a plot recap for the seventh episode, which aired at 9pm on Sunday 30th June 2019:

Anne Lister’s new groom arrives and, with her entourage complete, she sets off for Europe, determined to escape the heartache of her doomed relationship with Ann Walker.

Before she leaves she is obliged to invite Christopher Rawson up to Shibden after he insults her sister Marian publicly in his bank.

Undeterred by his warnings that her accusations will have dangerous repercussions, Anne comes up with a bold, reckless strategy to finally sink her own pit and expose the Rawsons’ industrial-scale theft of her coal.

In Scotland, Ann Walker becomes increasingly isolated when she discovers that Captain Sutherland plans to marry her off to his cousin Alexander, a penniless rogue.

Leaving Shibden behind, Anne is desperate to distract herself from her failed relationship, so travels up to London with her old flame Mariana Lawton.

Things come unstuck, however, when crippling memories of their past relationship fuel a series of explosive and hurtful conversations between the two women.

Despite his lowly social status, Thomas Sowden plucks up the courage to ask Mr Washington for his eldest daughter’s hand in marriage.

The book The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister is available to buy on Amazon.