‘Grantchester’ recap: What happened in Season 4 Episode 3?

The fourth season of Grantchester continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for Season 4 Episode 3, which first aired at 9pm on Friday 25th January 2019:

Geordie’s feeling lost and the future seems like a pretty scary place – even more so, now that Cathy’s talked him into getting a new suit. Mr Hobbs, her boss at Swinnerton’s department store, is a dab hand with the tape measure – and knows all the latest fashions.

It’s a bold new word, and never more so than when Geordie’s called to an apparent break in at a computer laboratory, full of vacuum tubes, punch tape and bright young things.

When the head of the lab, Professor Simms, keels over and dies from mercury poisoning, Geordie suspects foul play – particularly when he finds that the Professor appears to have spent the night in the lab with someone other than his wife…

A book of Ancient Greek myths with a personalised message – plus a previous arrest for importuning – leads Geordie to believe Professor Simms may have been involved with another educated man. He seeks advice from Leonard, who is upbeat to find himself falling into the role of amateur detective.

As Geordie and Leonard start to discover the surprisingly messy love lives of the computer laboratory team, Cathy is brutally tricked, Will returns to Grantchester, and Mrs C makes a shocking discovery…

The new season will air in the USA later this year on Masterpiece on PBS.

The first three seasons of Grantchester are available on DVD on Amazon.