‘Grantchester’ recap: What happened in Season 4 Episode 4?

The fourth season of Grantchester continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for Season 4 Episode 4, which first aired at 9pm on Friday 1st February 2019:

Will is preparing to be installed as the new vicar of Grantchester and Mrs C is anxious about his relaxed attitude. But that’s just Will’s nature – as he tells the Archdeacon, he’s never been more sure of anything.

Will’s only just through the service and back at the vicarage, entertaining his new parishioners, when Geordie drops by with a request: there’s a case of a religious nature that he needs Will’s help with.

Initially reluctant to be drawn in, Will is swayed when he learns that it’s about a a young, uncommunicative boy with literal blood on his hands.

The boy is Adam, and Will realises he’s being quiet because he’s profoundly deaf, but starts communicating with him through sign language.

Adam is from a devout family, living out on the Cambridgeshire Fens. Geordie and Will return Adam there, discovering that his mother has very recently died following a fall from a hay loft, and Adam’s father – Ernest Carter – blames his son for it.

The clock is ticking for Will to uncover the truth and help the family heal, but his own troubled past threatens to colour his view of the case – and Geordie realises his new friend has demons of his own.

The new season will air in the USA later this year on Masterpiece on PBS.

The first three seasons of Grantchester are available on DVD on Amazon.