‘Stonehouse’ finale recap: What happened in Episode 3?

Matthew Macfadyen’s new ITV drama concluded in the UK tonight!

Written by A Very English Scandal author John Preston and inspired by the extraordinary true story, Stonehouse series dramatises the life and times of disgraced politician John Stonehouse.

The three-part mini-series tells the story of how Stonehouse, a high-flying member of Harold Wilson’s Government, disappeared from a beach in 1974, intending to fake his own death.

Leading the cast as John Stonehouse is Matthew Macfadyen (Pride & Prejudice), with his real-life partner Keeley Hawes (The Durrells) playing Stonehouse’s wife, Barbara.

They’re joined by Emer Heatley (Showtrial) as Stonehouse’s mistress Sheila Buckley, Kevin R McNally (The Crown) as Harold Wilson, and Dorothy Atkinson (All Creatures Great and Small) as Betty Boothroyd.

Stonehouse will be released in the US and internationally later this year on BritBox.

Watch the trailer here:

documentary about the real John Stonehouse is set to air on ITV1 in the UK tomorrow night.

Here’s a plot recap for the third and final episode, which premiered on ITV1 at 9pm on Wednesday 4th January 2023:

After being released on bail, John Stonehouse moves back home. Barbara Stonehouse doesn’t trust her husband, but is desperate to keep the family together.

Stonehouse tries to resist the urge to call Sheila Buckley, with contact being forbidden before and during the trial.

At the magistrate’s court, secret letters between the two are read. Barbara watches on from the gallery.

The magistrate recommends the case go to the criminal court and, when Stonehouse gets home, Barbara has moved him into the spare room. He reminisces about simpler times, when he was a child in the Woodcraft Folk.

The Government’s situation is still precarious. Stonehouse has missed two votes in a week and delivers a controversial speech criticising the political status quo.

Wilson reprimands him personally, in an unusually candid and bizarre exchange. Stonehouse returns home to see Barbara watching Alexander Marek on TV, giving an interview that may implicate him. He storms out.

After a night on a park bench, Stonehouse succumbs to seeing Sheila. He’s flummoxed when he finds out Harold Wilson has resigned.

He resigns too and, after being enchanted by their demonstration in the street, joins the English National Party.

At the trial, Stonehouse elects to represent himself, despite the judge’s warning.

This decision proves to be misguided. Stonehouse is forced to confront his mistakes – Barbara finally divorces him – and his mortality. Is he regretful?