‘The Durrells’ recap: What happened in Season 4 Episode 2?

The final season of The Durrells continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for the second episode of Season 4, which first aired at 8pm on Sunday 14th April 2019:

Leslie runs into Daphne and admitting seeing her makes him want his own family, agrees to help her out with childcare.

The very same day he’s set to look after the baby, however, Leslie offers to host a hunt for new guest, Colonel Ribbindane, much to Gerry’s disgust.

Desperate to bring in the money now that he’s the man of the family, Leslie cajoles Basil into pretending to be a wild boar when there appears to be a lack of them on the island.

Gerry voices strong objections to the hunt and together with Galini tries to sabotage it.

Meanwhile, confused over his feelings, Basil declares his love for Louisa, even going as far as buying her a bridge and Margo moves in with Theo in an attempt to fly the nest.

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