‘The Gold’ Episode 5 recap: ‘The Boy You Were’

BBC One’s new real-life heist drama The Gold continued in the UK tonight!

From the creator of Guilt, the six-part mini-series dramatises the true story of ‘the crime of the century’ and the decades-long chain of events that followed the Brink’s-Mat robbery in 1983.

Watch the trailer here:

The impressive ensemble cast includes Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), Charlotte Spencer (Sanditon), Jack Lowden (Benediction), Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia!), Emun Elliott (The Paradise), Sean Harris (Southcliffe), Stefanie Martini (The Last Kingdom), Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey), and Peter Davison (The Larkins).

The Gold will be released internationally on Paramount+ later this year.

Here’s a plot recap for the fifth episode, ‘The Boy You Were’, which is streaming on BBC iPlayer now and premieres on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 12th March 2023:

Palmer (Tom Cullen) sets up his timeshare business in Tenerife.

When his passport expires, he is warned about his arrest and escapes on a plane to Brazil. However, he is sent back to London where he is arrested by Boyce (Hugh Bonneville).

McAvoy (Adam Nagaitis) dreams up a prison escape plan and sends Meacock (Sophia La Porta) with a message to an associate, but his plan is foiled.

The police find details of a foreign bank account that has been laundering Brink’s-Mat proceeds.

Boyce goes to Switzerland and learns who controls the foreign account – Gordon Parry (Sean Harris) and Edwyn Cooper (Dominic Cooper).

Brightwell (Emun Elliott) and Jennings (Charlotte Spencer) discover that Keith Potts (Micah Balfour) was caught at the Liechtenstein border with £700,000 of laundered Brink’s-Mat money and his car was previously registered to Parry.

The police learn that Jackie McAvoy (Lily Knight) and Kathleen Meacock’s houses can be traced back to Parry and Cooper. The police now know who has been laundering the Brink’s-Mat millions.

Boyce sets up a meeting with Cooper and Parry, but Parry realises it’s a trap and they run.

Both seasons of Guilt are available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.