‘The Larkins’ Season 2 Episode 5 recap: What happened in ‘Pop in Prison’?

The Larkins is back for a second season!

ITV’s hit comedy-drama is based on the novels by H.E. Bates, with scripts by The Durrells creator Simon Nye.

The books were previously adapted as The Darling Buds of May, which ran for three seasons in the early 1990s.

The Larkins follows the golden-hearted wheeler dealer Pop Larkin and his wife Ma, together with their six children, including the beautiful Mariette, as they bask in their idyllic and beautiful patch of paradise in Kent in the late 1950’s.

Starring Bradley Walsh (Doctor WhoLaw & Order: UK) and Joanna Scanlan (Notes on a Scandal) as Pop and Ma, the show launched last autumn.

Watch the trailer:


The Larkins now returns with six brand new episodes, set in the summer of 1959.

Season 2 is expected to arrive later this year for American viewers on Acorn TV.

Here’s a plot recap for the fifth episode of Season 2, ‘Pop in Prison’, which premiered on ITV at 8pm on Sunday 20th November 2022:

The Larkins are determined to get justice for Pop, whose legendary optimism is suffering in prison.

Primrose and her newspaper editor Harvey dig up more evidence of the Jerebohms’ dodginess, and Ma has enlisted the help of Angela Snow’s eminent but ancient QC father.

Charley decides that a full family christening will boost the Larkins’ respectability, for Primrose another chance to see Rev Candy. But his rival the Vicar hijacks the plan, going big in a bid to save his career with a disastrous mass christening in the Larkins pool.

Miss Pilchester, distraught at Pop’s absence, gets drunk for the first time and has to be taken home in a wheelbarrow.

Meanwhile Mariette and Charlie are preoccupied – a baby is on the way. To cheer Pop up, Mariette shares the news with him but swears him to secrecy, not her Dad’s strong point.

Ma fails in her efforts to win round Judge Sprague, who it emerges is being blackmailed by the Jerebohms, abetted by Alec Norman.

All seems lost until a glimmer of hope appears as Norma Norman seems ready to change sides…

The Larkins is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.