‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’ recap: What happened in Episode 4?

The Trial of Christine Keeler continued in the UK tonight.

Based on one of the most infamous British true life stories, the BBC’s new period drama explores the chain of events in the 1960s which became known as the Profumo affair.

The Trial of Christine Keeler follows the cover-up of an affair between a British Minister and model Christine Keeler as the scandal threatens to bring down the government.

Written by award-winning novelist and screenwriter Amanda Coe (Apple Tree Yard), the six-part series stars James Norton (Grantchester), Sophie Cookson (Kingsman), Ellie Bamber (Les Miserables), Ben Miles (The Crown) and Emilia Fox (Silent Witness).

Here’s a plot recap for the fourth episode, which aired at 9pm on Sunday 12th January 2020 on BBC One:

London, Spring 1963. Christine has returned from Spain as front page news and been put up in a hotel by a newspaper.

Her Profumo article has been axed and affair rumours have been temporarily silenced by Profumo’s denial in Parliament.

Nevertheless, Christine and Mandy are now hot topics for newspapers and magazines. But as Christine forges a new career, Lucky Gordon continues to circle and threaten.

Meanwhile, Profumo tries to move on from the rumours.

With the establishment fearing another scandal, the police open an investigation into his one remaining vulnerability: the go-between for wealthy men and young women, Stephen Ward.

Approaching breaking point, an increasingly desperate Stephen must convince the government to back down.