‘Victoria’ Season 3 Episode 6 recap: What happened in ‘A Coburg Quartet’?

The third season of Victoria continued on ITV in the UK tonight.

Here’s a plot recap for ‘A Coburg Quartet’, which first aired at 9pm on Sunday 28th April 2019:

With the birth of her seventh child, Victoria is feeling swamped and reminisces over private etchings of simpler times.

However, she is left distraught when the illustrations are sold to the press and made public in the newspaper.

Meanwhile, a Georgian ball is planned to celebrate the christening of Prince Arthur and Feodora is placed in charge of the guest list and invitations.

Prince Leopold arrives to attend and Victoria is surprised when he fails to recognise her sister.

As he arrives, plans for a new coin are unveiled and a design must be decided on.

Victoria has ideas of her own but allows Albert to oversee the designs.

At the same time, Victoria and Albert fear for Bertie who has become increasingly unmanageable and Joseph and Sophie’s relationship develops further.

The first two seasons of Victoria are out now on DVD on Amazon.