‘World on Fire’ recap: What happened in Episode 4?

The BBC’s epic new World War II drama World on Fire continued in the UK tonight.

From the makers of Poldark, the seven-part series begins with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and ends with the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Here’s a plot recap for the fourth episode, which aired at 9pm on Sunday 20th October 2019:

The phoney war is over. Harry and his unit are fighting for their lives in the town of Louvain, where German troops far outnumber those of the Allied forces.

Harry is desperate to prove himself as a leader, but when the Nazis close in, Harry freezes. Can he regain the respect of his men?

On the road to refuge Grzegorz and Konrad are woken by a German soldier. Should they fight or escape?

Meanwhile, back in Warsaw, Kasia and Tomas’s resistance activity has horrific consequences as the Germans swiftly retaliate.

In Paris, Webster is shocked to learn more of the rise of anti-Semitism in the city, when a Jewish couple come seeking his help.

Despite hospital policy, Henriette persuades him too look after them, revealing that she too is Jewish.

Secrets are also uncovered in Manchester, when Douglas guesses that Lois is hiding her pregnancy. Tom’s return brings momentary relief – until he confesses that he plans to desert the Navy.

Nancy submits her script to Schmidt for censor notes, and he is incredulous that she is attempting to broadcast the euthanasia story.

Nancy vows to broadcast the story somehow, but Schmidt threatens her: she won’t if she values the Rosslers’ daughter.

World on Fire is available on DVD on Amazon.