American celebrities attempting British accents is hilarious – watch!

There’s nothing that makes us Brits cringe more than people trying to mimic our accents…

…and getting it horrendously wrong.

It is also equally fun when they get it right, we’ll admit!

Over the years a number of celebrities have given various British accents a try while on The Graham Norton Show, with mixed results.

If you’re intrigued to hear Anne Hathaway’s Cockney accent (it’s better than Dick Van Dyke’s attempt, don’t worry) and Chris Pratt’s take on The Only Way is Essex, we’ve got an hilarious seven-minute compilation of accent attempts from Graham’s famous guests.

Watch the video:


The cast of Downton Abbey read part of a script from the show using American accents on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert a few years ago and it was SO WEIRD.

We also love this clip of Poldark star Harry Richardson, who is Australian, practising his Cornish accent to play Drake Carne.

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