Miss Scarlet: Watch Kate Phillips try to introduce her new S5 co-star on set!

Filming of the latest season of Miss Scarlet and the Duke is currently underway in Belgrade, Serbia.

Fans of the popular period drama were very disappointed to hear that actor Stuart Martin will not return as The Duke in Season 5. The fifth installment will be called simply Miss Scarlet to reflect this major casting change. 

Kate Phillips will return as the eponymous Miss Scarlet, along with the other beloved cast members, Evan McCabe as Detective Fitzroy, Cathy Belton as Ivy, Felix Scott as Patrick Nash, Paul Bazely as Clarence, Simon Ludders as Mr. Potts, and Tim Chipping as Detective Phelps

Who is the new cast member?

Masterpiece PBS recently announced the addition of a new major cast member, Tom Durant-Pritchard, who will play a dashing new detective, hired by Scotland Yard to replace William Wellington. Alexander Blake is a former soldier who is likely to make waves in the Duke’s former hunting ground. 

Masterpiece have shared a sneak peak of life on the set of Season 5. Here, Kate Phillips does a questionable job introducing her new co-star Tom! 

When will it be released?

Miss Scarlet will air on Alibi in the UK,  and we can expect to see it on our screens later in 2024, but the release date has not been announced yet. 

In the US, MASTERPIECE is presented on PBS by GBH Boston.

Miss Scarlet and The Duke is available on DVD on Amazon.