Mrs. Patmore’s funniest moments from ‘Downton Abbey’ – watch!

We’ve got a hilarious compilation of Downton Abbey clips for you.

66-year-old English actress Lesley Nicol played Mrs. Patmore in all 52 episodes of ITV’s period drama series and reprised the role in 2019’s hit movie.

As the house’s cook, Mrs. Patmore – or Beryl to a very few special people – Nicol has provided Downton fans with many of their favourite scenes over the years.

Here’s a wonderful 4-minute selection of her funniest moments:


Downton creator Julian Fellowes revealed last year that, despite playing a cook, Lesley Nicol is actually terrible at cooking in real life.

He joked: “She literally can’t make a ham sandwich.”

While Nicol’s recent period drama Beecham House isn’t going to be returning for a second season, at least we have a second Downton Abbey movie to look forward to.

The Downton Abbey movie is available on DVD on Amazon.