10 Games Based On Popular Movies And TV Shows

Among popular video games there are not only entertainment created by the developers of the computer games industry from idea to implementation, but also projects inspired by existing movies, TV series, television shows.

The development of online games based on popular movies does not always bring success to the creators, because fans of cinematic works have many expectations that are not easy to meet. In addition, the developers sometimes act unfairly and put the main aim not to create a stunning game, and earn money on the popular title.

There are still companies that were successfully inspired by TV shows and TV series, and as a result, gave the world, in particular fans, video games that are hard to tear yourself away from. The content of this review was collected by experts who know a lot about games, so it is worth launching the proposed entertainment. If you get bored with your console or PC, we recommend checking out this latest list of popular movies. Perhaps in a few years, a game with high ratings will be created based on one of them.

Successful Game Adaptations of Movies and TV Shows

Hundreds of online games based on popular movies or tv shows have appeared online over the years. The developers tried to bring both crime dramas and soap operas from Australia into the gaming world. Not all projects have been successful, but there are video games that are really worth enjoying.

Name of the video game Description
Buffy The Vampire Slayer The game appeared back in 2002. It takes up to 20 hours to complete it, but the combat system used received positive reviews. At the time, the matching of the video game’s plot to the series was unique.
The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series Based on the comic book, the game created a furor thanks to the popularity of the TV series of the same name. Here you will meet familiar characters in the original environment. There are also some Easter eggs that will appeal to fans of video games.
Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion The video game seems to be a continuation of the animated series, as the graphics are skillfully implemented one-to-one. The background picture also immerses you in the atmosphere of the show “Adventure Time”. Familiar locations, interesting tasks and simple gameplay – everything that fans of the series need.
Lost: Via Domus Trying to stay alive on a desert island is the dream of many teenagers and adults of the early twenty-first century. The famous television show demonstrated ways to cope with various situations on a piece of land torn from the continent. The opportunity to dive into such an adventure online has become a pleasant surprise for fans.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds Another game about the vampire slayer has become a continuation of the thematic cycle of entertainment. It brings together your favorite characters, simple game tasks and teenage humor, typical for the original television project.
Alien: Isolation A modern video game based on the movie of the same name is presented in the form of a survival horror. The player finds himself on an alien creature ship. He encounters other life forms and learns how to survive during the mission.
Game Of Thrones Thousands of people around the world watched the famous TV series. A large army of fans were excited about the release of the game based on the beloved story. The developers managed to strengthen the dark narrative with a perfectly matched music and graphic stylization. Meaningful dialogues, unique combat mechanics and a breathtaking adventure await users.
Jurassic World Evolution The simulator with the possibility of finding yourself in a theme park offers gamers to pump up their skills in entertainment, safety, and science. All of these will be useful in the place you have to find yourself in.
The Simpsons Hit and Run The TV animated series has been captivating fans with its sense of humor for years. Now you can find yourself in a familiar city, walk around it and even communicate with imaginary characters.
Neon Genesis Evangelion The anime with a deep philosophical storyline has no competitors, so the idea to create a game based on it has been implemented with great success. Entertainment will certainly be appreciated by fans of the Japanese animation genre.

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Why Video Games Based on Movies Are Needed 

Transferring a cinematic story to a gaming platform is a complex process. The best projects are the ones where developers aren’t trying to make money on naive customers, but actually create quality products. The finest attention to story and visual detail makes it possible to release a quality game with an atmosphere that fans miss.

Based on TV shows and movies, games give users a unique experience to:

  • find themselves in a fantasy world;
  • play the role of their favorite character;
  • meet in a fight with monsters and aliens;
  • get acquainted with the characters that were previously only observed on the screen;
  • live the mystical adventures of the main characters.

The proposed 10 games based on popular movies and TV series are not all famous developments based on ready-made stories. In addition, new video games are released every year, where the developers of products for the game industry realize the dreams of fans. The developers work in a wide variety of genres. This Wikipedia page will give you an insight into how visually and technically different video games can be.