10 most dramatic moments in ‘Bridgerton’

If you’re struggling for something new to watch on Netflix there is no better choice than Bridgerton.

Here are 10 of the most dramatic moments!

Bridgerton is one of the best Netflix series available and is a must-watch for any fans of Downton Abbey or Gilmore Girls.


As one of the most memorable tv series available right now, there’s nothing better than these top 10, but watch out. If you haven’t seen much of the show, there are many spoilers, so you have been warned.


The Garden Kiss

In this scene, you catch Daphne and Simon giving in to their desires for just a moment, realizing that they both have hidden feelings for one another. Anthony catches them, and things go downhill pretty quickly, but this is a brief moment where their true feelings are seen.


The Night of the Wedding

The wedding scene is great for fans who have been waiting for Simon and Daphne to confess their feelings toward one another. Although it was very obvious to the viewers, it took a long time for the characters to realize. The build-up isn’t anti-climactic and has been everything fans have been waiting for, for so long.


Simon and Daphne’s Commentary

Daphne and Simon are working to find the perfect suitor for Snarky, but the scene is about the couple. It is the first moment you see they get on so well, sharing inside jokes and generally having a good time. Whether they realize it or not, this is the first moment they begin to fall for each other. They are like-minded, and you can see that the characters are beginning to understand this.


Penelope and Colin

In this scene it is very obvious that Penelope is in love with Colin. Colin is seen as a very loyal friend, taking no time at all to step in and help his loved ones out. Penelope has a drink thrown on her dress by Cressida, allowing Colin to step in and give her a helping hand. After coming to her aid, Colin takes Penelope to the dancefloor, offering a glimmer in the scene of him also having feelings towards her.


The Wives’ Night Out

For Daphne, married life has shown its ups and downs. She has kept herself committed to fulfilling the duties of being a Duchess as well as the head of the house. She has not experienced the perks of married life until Lady Danbury invites her to a party. Throughout the series, viewers have seen Lady Bridgerton and Lady Featherington guide their daughters through marriage and run their homes, but this is the first glimpse of the wives enjoying themselves at a party. This becomes an eye-opening experience for Daphne and something she wants to do more often.


Lady Bridgerton Being Drunk

Many of the characters of Brigerton, look up to Lady Bridgerton as an excellent example. Even though Lady Danbury had a hard edge, she always had the people around her in her mind. This is why seeing her out of character is such an exciting moment. To put it mildly, this is the only episode where Lady Bridgerton appeared out of order. Colin helped her walk home while she was intoxicated. After that, she suffered a hilarious hangover the following morning.


Simon Attends a Dinner

As a family, the Bridgertons are interacting and enjoying themselves at this moment. We are lucky if we can spend some time with them individually during the season. As a result of this dinner scene, the viewers and Simon are able to enjoy the chaos of a big family. Simon and Daphne also have cute chemistry.


Failed Simple House Chores

Daphne’s wedding has become a father-daughter affair for Anthony. As a result, it’s hard to imagine them acting like siblings in the same scene. We see the two characters trying to figure out how to heat the milk in this sequence. Their relationship is now on an equal footing, and we gain a greater understanding of their relationship besides Daphne’s marriage.


Lady Featherington’s Advice

The entire season does not depict Lady Featherington as the best mother. In comparison with Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton, she seems cunning in a forbidding way. Nevertheless, this scene demonstrates her good intentions. While providing advice to Marina, she seems sincere and caring. Daphne’s advice from Lady Bridgerton certainly proved more helpful than hers from Lady Featherington.


Scheming Bridgertons

One of the main happenings in Bridgerton is that the women do not need the men to get things done. Throughout the series, Nigel has a continued effort to wed Daphne. It is the job of the women of house Bridgerton to get rid of him once and for all. To see that Nigel leaves, the staff and lady of Bridgerton devise a plan to chase Nigel away. It is great to see the women of the family come together to protect Daphne.