12 Best Slot Machines Based on Movies

Slot machines are one of the most popular gaming spots within any casino, both offline and online.

Major game development companies like Microgaming and NetEnt try to add some more fun to the games. When you place bets on the slot machines and spin them, you are waiting to see the images as they come to a stop. What if these images were from UK Movies and Hollywood movies, probably one of your favorite heroes or characters? The excitement level increases. Here below are the details of 12 famous movies that also have an online casino slot machine.


  1. Planet of the Apes

The slot machine game based on the movie franchise Planet of the Apes has been developed by NetEnt. They have chosen the last two films, the ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ and the ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘ for the slot machine. They have created two windows side by side. You will find most key characters from the films, the apes as well as the human ones in the rows of images on the screen. Each window represents one movie, Rise… on the left, and Dawn… on the right. The entire motif in terms of the design of the background and so on are all taken from the films.

You will therefore get to have twice the fun and the slot machine games have 5 reels and 20 lines that can fetch you rewards. The gamers call them ‘paylines’. The game should be part of most online casinos and the prizes are fixed according to their convenience. You will get free spins and bonuses which will enhance your interest in the online slot game based on the apes movies.


  1. The Dark Night Rises

You can play The Dark Knight Rises slot machine game on online casinos. The game has been developed by Microgaming and you will be able to meet all your favorite characters from the movie like Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and the indomitable Bane. The game is structured to give you some wins out of 243 ways provided to yield prizes. The developers have tried their best to recreate the same magic when you watched the movie with video clips and background music to keep you transfixed.

The game has a Fight Mode Feature which can get you free spins. This mode can appear randomly while you are playing the game. The bonuses available on the Dark Knight Rises slot machine game include Free Spins Accumulator, Symbol Scramble, and Expanding Wild. The Symbol Scramble mode is an interesting one. You spin once and when the reels come to rest, you can scramble to symbols on the screen. This can result in a better combination and the winning chances improve. The number of bonuses offered in this game is a highlight of this slot machine game. You may be able to find the Dark Knight Rises slot machine game in all popular online casinos you visit.


  1. Bridesmaids

This is another game developed by Microgaming for online slot machines, based on the movie Bridesmaids. The movie’s key characters are all included in the game. These include Annie, Lillian, Megan, Helen, Becca, and Rita. Lilian will get you a maximum of 750 coins. You will receive 450 coins if you find Annie and Helen and the remaining three, Rita, Becca, and Megan will get you 300 coins. The game has been built with many bonuses for you to win and enjoy. There are 30 paylines included in this online slot game.

There are free spins with special names like Flying High Free Spins and Friendship Free Spins. You can activate the Wheel Bonus if you hit three scatter symbols located anywhere on the screen. To bring more of the movie experience in the Bridesmaids slot game, you can select favorite scenes or moments from the film and expect to win more rewards. Up to 10 such moments are allowed.

Play the game wisely and get rewarded for hitting the right combinations on spinning the reels. If you are lucky, you may not keep away from the online slot game of Bridesmaids.


  1. Jurassic Park

Microgaming is again the developer of the slot machine game based on the movie Jurassic Park. The developer claims to be delivering “a supreme gaming experience” through this game. It has been packed with the best features in terms of the audio and the scrolling effects. The parallax scrolling effect seen on this game is considered unique and you get gameplay that is quite fast-paced. The game can be played on platforms like Quickfire and Flash.

The images as they roll by on the screen and come to a halt include Tyrannosaurus rex, velociraptors, triceratops, brachiosaurus, and dilophosaurus. The movie received a lot of appreciation for the cinematographic effects and virtual reality scenes. In the slot game too, Microgaming has tried to have as much of those effects as it can, making it an immersive game for the players.

The game has enough and more bonuses and free spins to gain.


  1. Frankenstein

NetEnt has created this online slot game based on the movie Frankenstein. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines with 3 rows. The game is available on multiple platforms as well as across devices like mobiles with different operating systems. A feature ‘Linked Wilds’ is unique to this game and it opens up opportunities for the players to get free spins and prizes. The game does try to recreate the same creepy atmosphere you would have experienced while watching the movie in the theater or on TV.

There is the auto-spin facility also available by choosing the maximum betting option, ‘bet max’. You can pre-select the coin level. There are bonuses built into the Frankenstein slot game online and the overall gaming experience is good.


  1. Aliens

This multiple platform online slot machine game has also been developed by NetEnt. The underlying theme of this game is the movie Aliens. The film got released as far back as 1986. As you would have expected if you had watched the movie, the symbols on the screen are the Alien Eggs and the Monsters. You can earn the maximum if you get a combo of the full-grown Monster. The Unhatched Egg will fetch you the lowest prize.

NetEnt has set the Aliens slot game in three levels. You have to shoot down the Aliens through the levels to reach the final and third level called ‘Hive’. You have to ultimately destroy the Queen Hive to earn the maximum from this slot machine game.


  1. Terminator 2

If you are a fan of the movie Terminator 2, you will enjoy this online slot game by the same name developed by Microgaming. There are 5 reels and 243 ways to win. All the dramatic elements from the movie including the special effects have been included in the game. The animations and the background score enhance the gaming experience while keeping you close to the memories of the movie. Many characters like Sarah Connor and John Connor apart from T-800 and T-1000 are all available in the reels. The main protagonist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is also seen on the reels and he gets you the maximum value.


  1. King Kong

Playtech has developed this game for the slot machine. It is the movie King Kong that was released in 2005 that this game has been built on. There are two modes the game has to offer; the Dramatic Big City Bonus Mode, and the Wild Jungle Mode. The prizes are structured based on the different characters in the movie with the leading lady Naomi Watts (actor Ann Darrow) getting you the maximum 1,000 coins whereas the Captain Englehorn symbol will fetch only 300 coins.

You can hope to pocket 3,000 coins if you manage to get Wild Kong on all 5 reels. You can play bonus games within the Jungle Mode and the free spins and prizes are galore in this online slot game.


  1. Titanic

The movie Titanic directed by James Cameron is considered a classic for all ages. It appealed to all age groups and Bally technologies want you to relive that fantastic experience in this online Titanic slot game. The game’s developers have tried to recapture the same magic the movie creates by designing the visuals and the music right on your face. The familiar characters, Rose and Jack feature in it and it is a 5-reel, 3-row game of slots and there are 25 paylines, all fixed.

Expanding the movie experience, Bally Technologies has created three slots, First, Second and Third classes with different access features and bonuses. The game is quite immersive and gives you more chances to win on your bets. There are ‘Mystery Double Wilds’ and a ‘Wheel Feature’ in the Titanic online slot game. The Wheel Feature can lead you to multiple bonuses like free spins and multipliers making it a great fun game all through.


  1. Psycho

The creator of the Psycho slot machine game for online casinos is Nextgen Gaming. They have spared no efforts at ensuring that the graphics and animation effects from the thriller are not missed while playing the game. Some of the symbols from the movie like the haunted mansion and the knife keep appearing as you spin the reels.

You will win a lot of free spins and bonuses and you may end up feeling you are on a winning spree. The momentum the game picks up for you is enjoyable. Each movie is made in a different genre, whereas the slot machine games have a standard format. The skill of the developers comes to the fore in bringing in the differentiation and giving the feeling that the player is reliving the movie-watching experience and playing the slots.


  1. Scarface

The slot machine game featuring the film Scarface is a creation of NetEnt or Net Entertainment. The game has all the elements you would have enjoyed in the movie with the characters and scenes all featured in. The background sounds have also been incorporated to enhance the effects. You will not miss the main characters, Manny, Chi Chi, Elvira, Montana, and Tony. You will get to watch a scene from the movie on the slot machine screen whenever you successfully hit a winning combination of these characters.

The symbols included in the online slot game Scarface include the weapons, money, and guns all reminding you of the movie. The game’s developers have judiciously avoided including drugs. There are bonuses and free spins when you hit the right combinations. If you get a third reel stacked with wild symbols, you will be led to a bonus level. It will be followed by a scene from the movie, where you can see yourself in the company of Tony in a gunfight sequence.

There is no dearth of bonuses and free spins in the game and you can try all your skills in it. There is one feature called ‘skill stop’. In this, you can halt the spinning reels to a stop and get a winning combination for a bonus. The Scarface movie based online slot game has a feature ‘autoplay’ where you can leave it to make automatic spins.


  1. Ted

Aristocrat is the game developer behind this online slot game based on the movie Ted. There are a lot of people who love this movie though some may not be as pleased with the way the dialogues by the bear are structured. There are scenes of animals drinking, using swear words, and smoking weed. The slot game has 5 reels and 20 paylines. If you get 5 Ted logos all looking alike, you win 25x your bet.

You may not expect to win big stakes in this game but keep your interest alive with sufficient chances to win prizes. If you are indeed lucky, you may win the Ted jackpot which is quite lucrative, at around £6,500. There are several bonus opportunities in the Ted online slot game.