15 British Movies to Learn English at Home

Watching British movies to learn English at home is a pleasure; the accent, subtle, sour British humor, sober drama, and exquisite pronunciation are what you need to improve your skills.

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Read on for the best British movies for learning English!


1. The King’s Speech, one of the best British films for learning English

You can’t begin this countdown without one of the best British films for learning English. Director Tom Hooper tells the true story of George VI, who tries to overcome his speech problems to communicate with the English people.

The main character, Colin Firth, masterfully embodies his character, and the entire film focuses on his speech and the techniques used to overcome stuttering. It is a true master class in pronunciation.


2. Queen 

Another English gem where you can enjoy the Queen’s accent. Helen Mirren gives life to a character who has to deal with the tragedy of Princess Diana’s death and shows the occasional (dirty) laundry of the royal household.

This movie should definitely be on your list of British movies to learn English because it shows a clear pronunciation of the language.


3. Notting Hill

A classic romantic comedy starring a rather young Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Directed by Roger Michell, it tells the love story between an ordinary bookseller and a famous actress.

Julia Roberts is American, so this is a great opportunity to hone your ear for American and British accents.


4. Love Actually

Another classic of English romantic cinema and one of the best overall. It’s a love affair that several characters go through at once, including the Prime Minister himself, played by Hugh Grant.

It’s a fairly fresh British English-language film, with the accent at its best, though there are some American and Hispanic characters.


5. Four Weddings and a Funeral

Who hasn’t seen or heard of the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral? If you still don’t know what movie we’re talking about, find it and indulge in the 1994 classic: a story about falling in love at a wedding and the crazy events that happen around it.

It’s a great excuse to stay home and watch one of the best British movies to learn English with the best teachers in the film world.


6. Harry Potter

If you haven’t joined Pottermania in your day, we give you an excuse to spend the day watching the adventures of the most famous wizard of all time. What’s in it for the kids? Just say it’s one of the best British movies for learning English, and we’ll understand you.

Now you can relive Harry’s life while learning English.


7. Mary Poppins

Come on, don’t deny that you’ve always wanted to see it! And if you haven’t, you should know that this is one of the best English-language movies of all time.

Although the Disney classic was filmed in America, it has a predominantly British accent, and the catchy songs make it easy to pronounce and memorize the words.


8. Lawrence of Arabia

The true story of an enigmatic officer sent into the desert on a mission to support the Arabs against Turkey. After watching it, it will seem incredible to you that someone like Lawrence existed in real life, but I assure you that it is all true.

In favor of this film for your study purposes is the fact that it features a rich mix of accents, with the crude but helpful pronunciation of Arab characters to help you understand the dialogue.


9. Trainspotting

And please forget the unfortunate resurrection of this recent classic, we’re referring to the original 1996 version.

One of those British English language learning films that you should watch before you die.

The disgusting world of drugs at its best will also help you improve your understanding of the language in a thick Scottish accent, the movie is full of spoken words and surreal situations. If your level is average or high, this movie is for you.


10. The Full Monty

Who would have thought that the righteous Peter Cattaneo would end up inspiring a male striptease show, with performances all over the world by singers, actors, and regular people, where it is the women who get the pleasure?

The Full Monty is a multi-layered comedy with dramatic undertones disguised as witty situations, with thick accents and lots of “f***ing” in English. We don’t urge you to learn to swear words in another language, but, you know, that’s part of the process.


11. Gandhi is one of the British English-language films that you should not miss

The 1982 biographical film directed by Richard Attenborough about the life of Mahatma Gandhi… Well, I guess if you don’t live in an isolated bunker, there’s no need to explain further.

Gandhi was the father of the “peaceful resistance” and one of the most interesting characters in history.

Ben Kingsley, the main character, brings the character to life with a strong Indian accent, which will help understand the pronunciation and compare it to the British accent of the other actors.


12. Bloody Sunday

Bloody Sunday, as this tragic day has come to be called, is the title of a dramatic masterpiece that will bring tears of rage and sorrow to your eyes.

In addition to the accent and despair in the voices of the characters, this movie comes with a bonus that you can take advantage of by watching and listening to the lyrics of Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2, with which you can expand your pronunciation.


13. The English Patient

Not everyone likes this movie, but you have to admit that there must be something good about it to make it one of the best movies of all time and the most awarded at the 1996 Oscars, all on a modest budget.

The English Patient is one of those movies that stays in your memory; lots of memorable moments and phrases you can add to your list of sentences to learn right now.


14. Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love may not be a stoically British film, but it is nonetheless about nothing less than the love affairs of the second greatest writer and playwright of all time (the first being Cervantes).

The passionate Joseph Fiennes injects all the adrenaline into this film, where you can enjoy the delivery of the speech, the rich poetic prose, and the bombastic words.


15. The Third Man

We wanted to end this countdown with what is considered the greatest British film of all time, according to the British Film Institute (BFI). The Third Man is a pure film noir that will keep you in suspense the whole time.

Forget the fact that the film was released in 1949, it is one of those timeless works and one of the best British films for learning English that you can have a lot of fun learning while having fun, or rather biting your nails.


As you enjoy these 15 British movies to learn English, consider using them as prime examples of compare and contrast essays at PHD Essay. Analyzing these films through a comparative lens can inspire excellent academic writing.

For instance, explore the similarities and differences in historical accuracy and creative liberties in ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Gandhi.’ Compare different styles of romantic comedies and their cultural impacts in ‘Notting Hill’ and ‘Love Actually.’ ‘The King’s Speech’ and ‘Queen’ offer intriguing angles to examine the challenges faced by historical figures in their respective biopics.