3 Tips to Increase Instagram Comments on Your Movie Reviews Page

It may seem that Instagram is about square photos, self-admiration and selfies.

But this is only a superficial perception of the platform. Dropping deeper, you can discover a whole world about cinema. There are accounts about everything in the world, including famous actors, high-profile film premieres, local little-known films, and much more that is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people. 

But best of all, if you’re an avid movie buff and your reviews get excellent ratings on IMDb and other platforms, you can shine on IG.

Unlike movie resources, where fans of reviews don’t follow you much, and you can’t make money on your texts, everything is different here. You can become a real movie influencer and get a strong voice. People love to receive high-quality reviews, so they closely monitor such accounts.

But how to succeed and promote your account from scratch? Through strategies with comments, of course! They’re an indicator that your page is loved and deserves the attention of the public. In today’s post, we’ll share the 3 most effective tactics for getting comments  you would like to know earlier.

  • Use professional third-party support

So, the first thing you should know before you dive into promotion is that you can buy any metric you need. It’s the same with comments, if your goal is to become more visible on the platform and improve engagement, consider buying. Packages with comments are inexpensive, but they are effective and fast, check out the price list by link: https://viplikes.net/buy-instagram-comments. This is like one of the delegation options. In order not to be distracted from creating new reviews and content, you can delegate the task of getting comments to specialists.

What are the advantages of this option? You don’t need to take an active part. The task passes into the hands of the provider, who passes it on to specialists. Real people will write comments under your posts, not bots and fakes, as it could have been before. Today, decent advertising companies have abandoned mechanisms with fakes, so you can be sure of the legality.

Plus, this tactic is long-term. The purchased comments won’t disappear after a while, and your statistics won’t get worse. On the contrary, interactions will inevitably attract new organic ones, and your posts will be more visible than before.

  • Add hashtags 

Hashtags on social networks are like keywords. With them, algorithms rank posts by topic and collect them in one place in the user feed. That’s why hashtags should definitely be included in your strategy for getting comments. Through tags, users can find your posts on the feed, respectively, leave a comment and follow.

Here’s how to use them : as an example, you wrote a review for Oppenheimer. Next, you choose the best cover (it can be a poster) and upload the text to the post. The next step is to choose tags. Include keywords that describe your content. It can be the name of the film, the actors, the year of release and much more. But don’t overdo it: it’s better to choose 2-3 good tags than 10 “noisy” and frequently used ones.

  • Ask questions

Simple math: ask a question – get an answer. Yes, it works on IG. Therefore, don’t neglect the questions. Ask your readers for their opinion and ask them what they think about the review or the film as a whole. This way you can easily generate new comments. Good luck!