4 Important Life Lessons that James Bond Taught Us

Although Daniel Craig is James Bond’s most recent actor, the persona has been played by seven actors during its film history.

Even if you’re someone who is not a fan of action movies, chances are you have seen at least one James Bond movie. The film series that first appeared on the scene in 1953 has since rocked the entire industry with over 25 different renditions from Goldfinger and License to Kill to Casino Royale and No Time to Die. Over the course of many decades, Bond has inspired us all to live fast and dress smart. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest life lessons we can learn from everyone’s favourite British spy.

Take chances even if you don’t know the end result

Bond has undoubtedly found himself in a handful of tricky situations over the course of his career, however lack of confidence and indecision were never a problem for him. Many moves that we have seen James Bond make in each of his films have been somewhat risky yet taken with full courage and self-assurance. This is one factor that draws us to Bond’s character and has continued to be a shining symbol of the movie franchise since its start.

Just take the famous poker scene in Casino Royal for example. In an intense standoff with the spy’s central enemy, private Albanian banker Le Chiffre, Bond demonstrates his mathematical acumen in assessing his odds and bets $40 million in a single hand while remaining cool and collected. This scene along with many others in the favourite 2006 movie make it one of the best films out there. Viewers can’t get enough of the level of swagger and boldness Bond exudes on screen.

Although these storylines and their outcomes are obviously fictitious, there is definitely a thing or two we can learn from Bond’s level of confidence. Sometimes erring on the side of caution doesn’t always reap the best reward.

Be knowledgeable about the latest and greatest in technology

What’s a Bond film without a car transforming into a submarine or a mobile phone that can also control a BMW? The spy always seems to be equipped with the latest and greatest in gadgets and gear that make his missions possible. The list of Bond’s memorable equipment is numerous from his Bagpipe Flamethrower in The World is Not Enough to the Spike Umbrella in For Your Eyes Only. Nowadays in the more modern versions, you’ll catch Bond on his fancy mobile phones which also sometimes conveniently double as bomb detonators.

A nice suit goes a long way

James Bond and style go hand in hand. That’s why we’ll never catch the spy on screen in anything less than a perfectly tailored suit for more than a few scenes. He was perhaps the first on-screen gentleman that really proved dressing for success actually works. Not to mention his outfits are paired with the best in luxury car brands which really give him that classic gentleman persona. Whether he’s in a high-speed car chase or winning against his arch nemesis at the poker table, Bond’s razor-sharp looks teach us that you can never be too well dressed for any occasion.

Bond sure taught us that riding in style is a must, with the portrayal of the Aston Martin DB5 leaving an irreplaceable mark on movie culture

Enjoy your “off” time

James Bond spends a lot of time fighting international terrorists and enemies to the state, but even the best spy needs some days off. Although Bond does his job thoroughly each time, he also knows how to kick back and relax when its all over. In many of his movies you can catch him relaxing with his favourite drink and a cigar after completing a long and stressful mission.

Charismatic, logical, and well-dressed, the unrivalled special agent has taught us a handful of things about life that we may not even realize, and it’s up to the next Bond actor to continue on with the tradition.