5 best British TV serials you can watch now

The moment you feel tired and lazy, there is no other thing better than sitting on a couch, grab a remote, and start watching your favorite serial. As we have plenty of options to watch our favorite shows such as YouTube, streaming services, and cable TV.

Although some people prefer to watch their favorite shows on YouTube and streaming services, the reality is that cable TV has its place. A huge channel lineup is meant to offer you 24 hours of entertainment by just pushing the remote button. On top of it, the cable providers give enough support to their customers when it comes to troubleshooting or opting best cable plans.

And if you opt for bundle packages, you can get internet and cable TV support without putting effort to dial another number.

Now whether you are streaming Netflix shows or have stumbled upon your favorite TV serial, here are some of the best British TV serials to watch in your free time. Let’s take a look at it.


Mind Your Language

Mind Your Language is a classic British sitcom that is still very relatable in today’s era. Starring Dino Shafeek, Barry Evans, Zara Nutley, Albert Moses, and George Camiller, this sitcom gives a huge dose of laughter. Make sure to take a deep breath and be prepared to have tingles in your stomach.

The sitcom is about a diverse group of immigrants who have come to learn English in a high school in London. Jeremy Brown, the English teacher tries to teach students uniquely, but things don’t go as planned. Students from France, India, Spain, Japan, and other countries try to keep up with the teacher’s lessons, but things take a twist and turn with each passing minute.


Mr. Bean

Who is not aware of Mr. Bean – the witty, crazy, humoristic, silly, and clumsy person who is on the spree of ruining daily events? Rowan Atkinson acts as Mr. Bean with a childlike nature. From celebrating Christmas to going to the cinema with a girlfriend, every other event is filled with humor and fun way and all credit goes to the creator Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. The childlike behavior, silly actions, hilarious faces, and foolish mistakes are all you can find in Mr. Bean. Don’t miss it if you haven’t watched one.



Bodyguard is another British TV serial starring Richard Madden, Ash Tandon, Sophie Rundle, and Vincent Franklin. If you are fond of watching a political thriller, this series is a must-have on your wish list.

The series revolves around a bodyguard named David Budd, who is a volatile war veteran. He is working as a Special Protection Officer for the Police. He is assigned the task of protecting ambitious Julia Montague, who is an ambitious and powerful home secretary. However, Budd seems somewhat puzzled and confused between his beliefs and duty.



When it comes to detective thriller, mystery and crime, none can beat the British TV series Luther. Starring Idris Elba, Warren Brown, Michael Smiley, and Dermot Crowley, the series revolves around a police detective named John Luther. He is not an ordinary one, but a highly skilled officer who deals with serial killers and murders. John knows how to get into the mind of a killer and play strategically to trap. However, his tricks don’t always work and get him in trouble when he came into conflict with his superior.


The Two Ronnies

If you are searching for the best comedy sitcoms, you can’t miss “The Two Ronnies”. Starring Ronnie Corbett, Ronnie Barker, John Owens, and Claire Nielsen, the British comedy involves sketches of various everyday activities. Although the series was broadcasted first in 1971 the success of it and the attention it gained from the audience made it the longest series of all time.


When it comes to watching TV series, you need to pick up your genre according to your mood. Sometimes you are in a mood of all laughter and no serious stuff. While at times, you are in detective mode looking for something mysterious, thrilling, and plot-twisting.