5 Compelling British TV Shows That Will Make You Giggle

It’s that time of your life again where you’re aching to pick up a series but just can’t find a good one to commit to or don’t know where to start. Sometimes a comedy series is the best medicine for stress and the pains of daily life. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of funny TV shows, so you don’t have to. British, to be precise, since their sense of humor is peculiar but effective. And while we’re at it, if you’re having trouble finishing schoolwork, look no further.

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With that settled, here are some comedy gold recommendations for you.


The Inbetweeners (2008)

This series is a good place to start if you’re fiending for some British comedy. It has three seasons and two feature films that were all hugely successful. The show gained popularity in both the UK and the US during its run. 

The plot revolves around a group of friends who, for their part, aren’t really considered the most sophisticated or most popular amongst their peers. We suppose that was the main element the show’s producers wanted to mix in there.

They struggle to impress girls, go to parties, scheme, and lie their ways into trouble for the most part. For some reason, everything goes wrong with most of their efforts. The show is crude and comical. It’s even controversial in some aspects, but that’s probably why it got so popular. The delivery wasn’t subpar but memorable.

The show’s characters include Will, Simon, Jay, and Neil. They weren’t created to be likable, but they’re funny, and their antics are supposed to make you laugh. Which did for the audience helped the show become famous.

Even the two feature films about the Inbetweeners broke box office records, so you can see that the show is a must-watch if you’re a fan of British entertainment and unique comedies.


Blackadder (1983)

Set in the past, Blackadder features world-famous actors Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), Hugh Laurie, and Steven Fry. It’s harder for a show to be successful when it’s a period drama since it’s less relatable to the audience. But this one has had success. It’s funny. 

The show’s protagonist is Edmund Blackadder, and the plot revolves around his tragic adventures alongside his sidekick Baldrick. It has four seasons, and while it is quite old, it still has a high chance of making you laugh.

The show’s success can be seen in the fact that it was remembered, replayed on television, and voted the best tv show in 2012—decades after its initial run.


Mr. Bean (1990)

If you weren’t in the cave for the last few decades, then you’ve probably heard or seen Mr. Bean. It won’t make you giggle; it can make you laugh uncontrollably as long as it’s your cup of tea, that is. Played by the lovable and highly successful actor Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean uses a lot of slapstick comedy with a protagonist that, for the most part, doesn’t speak. 

Mr. Bean has a grassroots feel to it since the comedy does not rely on his banter. There is no character development and no deep layers to it. Mr. Bean is just pure gags, but it became so successful and globally known that it has basically carried this type of raw comedy on its back. 

The Mr. Bean franchise has:

  • A few movies under its belt
  • The original live-action series
  • An animated series

It’s been an enormous success and is honestly funny. If you want to watch a lighthearted show with silly and simple humor, this should be your pick. And who knows, perhaps you’ve already seen it in your childhood or teenage years. Watching old shows is the best way to get that sweet nostalgia, so why not pick up Mr. Bean today.


Peep Show (2003)

Peep Show ran from 2003 to 2015. That’s a long run for a series. It’s funny in a tragic way since the premise revolves around two 30-year-old men who don’t have luck with women. The two main protagonists are polar opposites as well, which is probably an exciting element the producers chose to make it more interesting. One is a slacker, while the other is hardworking.

The show is unique since the creators try to spice things up a little. It uses POV camera shots, with the audience being able to hear the character’s thoughts at times. The show features Jez and Mark. Since the title does say ‘Peep Show,’ that’s probably why we get to take a ‘peak’ of the two characters’ train of thoughts and perspectives. 


The Office (2001)

The original ‘The Office’ was actually from Britain, and the US just made its own version which became more successful. Like its US counterpart, the story revolves around an office of a paper company. Well, it did set the blueprint for that show to run. Ricky Gervais plays David Brent, a very oblivious general manager.

While the show is basically almost the same as the US version, it’s a bit more depressing. Perhaps because it was made in Britain, and the weather is a bit more gloomy than in LA. The British version of this show was the pioneer of this type of format tv show. It’s called a ‘mockumentary.’

If you liked the US version of the office and are a fan of this format, you’ll probably like the British version of the show with its unique perks as well. It will definitely make you giggle. 

We hope you have your fill with our recommendations. British humor can be quite vulgar, but they’re pretty good at making their audiences laugh. So, if you have some time over the weekend, maybe try out the Inbetweeners or watch reruns of Mr. Bean to lighten up the mood.