5 educational TV shows about religion

The integration of television and education makes learning easy.

It is entertaining to watch religious stories on TV instead of spending endless hours explaining them to kids. Thesisgeek.com provides excellent resources for teachers and students in different disciplines to make learning easier.

What if you could watch a television series and understand a topic better? What is a teacher could recommend a television program instead of spending the entire lesson explaining to students? Here are educational television shows that will teach students of different ages about religion.

  1. Jesus His Life

The best way to know about a person is to ask those who are around him or her. That is the same case with the life of Jesus. The story of Jesus can only best be told by the people near him. The British drama series Jesus: His Life retells his life from the perspective of people who were around him. The series interviews scholars who have studied intensively about Jesus and are therefore capable of giving the most consistent and valuable information about Jesus.

The drama Jesus: His Life is new production, having premiered in March of 2019. It features some of the most seasoned religious scholars, including Pastor Susan Sparks, Reverend Gabriel Salguero, and Father Jonathan Morris. You can catch this exciting series on the History Channel. The eight episodes capture the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. You will get every detail you have desired to know about Christ from the most informed persons.

  1. 4Thought

4Thought has been airing since July 5th, 2010. You can watch the series on Channel 4, every weekday at 7.55 pm. The show is organized in the form of a documentary of short personal stories about religious encounters. These short films make it easy to address emerging issues without digging too deep such that you get lost in explanations.

The documentary features a single speaker who explores some of the religious and ethical issues dominating religious education in recent years. The discussion extends to moral issues, helping viewers to think outside their denominational barriers. The developers of the show have provided a perfect platform for an audience of religious devotees as well as skeptics. The show is considered among the best religious educational TV shows from an intellectual perspective.

  1. The Big Questions

The Big Questions is ethics and interfaith dialogue session airing on BBC One and hosted by Nicky Campbell. It is a live show that runs between 10.00 pm and 11.00 pm. It took the place of The Heaven and Earth Show and aimed at tackling more common or emerging religious issues.

The list of guests will tell you about the scope of topics handled at The Big Questions. It has hosted atheists, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, and Muslim imams, among others. Such a guest list is an assurance that you will get mind-blowing religious discussions.

  1. Highway

The title of the program gives one an idea of a show that will take you to the edges of Britain. It features hymns and chats from different locations all over Britain. The guests would engage in discussions about religious issues, give hymns, and also lead in reading scripture. The show was an exciting and educational 30 minutes for the entire family. Viewers had 12 seasons of in-depth religious reflections and a discussion on different topics from perspectives of notable spiritual leaders in Britain. Highway was one of the most satisfying shows to participate. The episodes still repeat on other television networks. Links to the shows can be found online and in DVD format.

  1. About Religion

About Religion aired on Associated Television and was considered among the leading discussion shows on faith matters. It is one of the oldest shows, having begun in 1958 and ended in 1965. Reviewing the shows gives you an idea of the perspectives of religion that ruled the world at the time. The hosts were John Brookings, David King, and Julian Grenfell. The quality of production led to the publication of an anthology in 1963 on the series. The show has also been studied by different scholars who highlight the depth of the quality discussions.

Televisions are full of shows that take different approaches to teach children about religion. Some are cartoon characters, while others are television series with episodic dramas. A teacher, student, or parent has a wide selection of shows to choose.