5 Life lessons from Period Dramas

If you are a big period drama fan, then one thing you know is to expect the unexpected.

One of the reasons we love period dramas so much is because although they are set in past times, the life lessons you can learn are still relevant today, such as the five life lessons listed below.

There Is No Predicting Love

When the heart wants what it wants, it is difficult to stop. In very different times, there could be lots of different barriers to being with the one you truly loved, but in many period dramas love finds a way of triumphing. Many period dramas play on this theme and as we have followed the romantic journeys of characters such as Elizabeth Bennet, you realize that in the end you will find happiness even in unexpected places.

Happily Ever After

Period dramas tend not to bring a dose of reality to the idea of happily ever after. We have shared so many ups and downs with our characters, that when we finally leave them you know everything is not going to be plain sailing from there on. Perhaps this is one of the things we like about period dramas – they do not try and portray life as some perfect thing that always goes the way we want it to go. Instead, we are hit with a dose of “reality” that makes the positive times seem even better.

Good Moments Can Come in Hard Times

Many period dramas are set in very difficult times. There are many periods in history where people did not have it easy, but even in the hardest times they still found a way to enjoy the moment.

One of the endearing things about period dramas is that although they are set in the past, we can still see ourselves in some of the characters. On the outside, our lives have changed immensely, but many of the problems we face art still the same.

Time and time again, period dramas tell us that even in hard times, there are still good moments to be had. Just like these quotes from KeepInspiring, period dramas show that good times are always around the corner.

Never Count Anything Out

In true dramatic fashion, you can never count anything out in a period drama. One minute your favorite character might be struggling to feed his children each evening, the next he might be taking on the world as an innovative entrepreneur. You never know what you are going to get in life, and period dramas highlight this wonderfully well.

Opportunity is always around the corner, and you should never count anything out.

Change is Possible

Even those people who are completely stuck in their ways can make change. Characters such as Scrooge show us the idea that it is never too late to change for the better. Virtually every period drama is filled with a redemption story, and you just know that character you cannot stand is eventually going to work their way into your heart. Just as in life, change is always possible in a period drama.