5 of the best books to buy as Christmas gifts for your family and friends

If you’re stuck with the Christmas gifts list and simply don’t know what to get for your family members or friends, a book can always get you out of a sticky situation.

Since reading more is a common desire among people, choosing a book as a Christmas gift is the perfect solution. Not to mention that you can choose a book to inspire the one that gets it or one that is perfectly tailored for their taste. We know that we’re not exactly narrowing it down when suggesting books. There are as many books out there as online slots at 24Pokies online casino, so we made a list with top releases this year.


Elizabeth Gilbert’s “City of Girls”

Telling the story of Vivian Morris, a fun-loving and frivolous young lady that goes to New York to become someone interesting, this new book from the same author that delighted us with “Eat, Pray, Love” is set to give you a lot of emotions. If you’re planning to buy this book as a Christmas gift, know that you are looking at a fun book, quite easy to read and one that feels like a breath of fresh air for the reader.


Alex Michaelides’ “ The Silent Patient”

With good chances of being the thriller of 2019, The Silent Patient offers readers an in-depth experience. Perfectly combining humor, various twists of the story and huge surprises ( especially at the end), this title makes an awesome Christmas present for someone that’s big on thrillers. In other words, you can’t go wrong buying this book for someone that’s active and naturally curious, it’s a hit.


Jayson Greene’s “Once More We Saw Stars”

Maybe some of you may not consider this book as a good fit for Christmas, however, this holiday is also about hope and dealing with the negative things in our lives. And that’s exactly what this title is pursuing, a memoir telling the story of the author losing his 2-year-old daughter in a weird accident. While the story is very moving and may not be in the same mood as the joy of Christmas, Once More We Saw Stars is the kind of book that can shine some light even in the darkest places.


Jennifer Weiner’s “Mrs. Everything”

A very interesting approach from a personal and political point of view, Mrs. Everything is a mulţi-layered story focusing on the #MeToo period and it focuses on how far women have come through time. Definitely, an awesome gift for your best friend, especially if they are struggling with understanding just how powerful they can be. This book is extremely ambitious, personal and deeply researched at the same time, so you can’t go wrong with it as a gift for a female friend or relative.


Jia Talentino’s “Trick Mirror”

A very interesting book on self-image and how we often choose to deceive ourselves. Again, not quite the light read someone shallow might expect for Christmas, but a very documented approach to our modern lives. Written with intellectual rigor, wit, and empathy, it can make the perfect Christmas gift for an analytical person that loves to look at things from various different perspectives.

Of course, the list of books that make perfect Christmas gifts can go on. However, we decided to focus on books that aren’t that heavily advertised and can show the one that receives the gift you put some work into it. That always makes a gift more meaningful.