6 of the best British shows to enjoy on Netflix

British TV shows have always won the hearts of the people.

Indeed, Brits bring forward the most tempting and breath-taking shows that keep you glued to your screens. If you want to make the most out of your time and want that perfect punch of entertainment, you should watch one of these outstanding British TV shows on Netflix with amazing plot lines, humor, thrill and excitement.

If you do not have Netflix, worry no more, you can also check out other attractive options in the market that give you access to high-quality entertainment. For further details, you can click here.  For now, without further ado let us guide you through the best British TV shows that you would not want to miss on Netflix.

Here we go!


Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders have been making highlights everywhere because of its strong storyline and extraordinary cast. Based on a British gangster theme, it narrates the story of Thomas Shelby and the gang as they return to Birmingham after serving in the British army during World War 1.

Filled with all the thrill and suspense, it depicts the journey of Shelby as he builds an empire and fights with anyone who gets in the way of his dream. Peaky blinders season 1, 2 and 3 received amazing reviews on Netflix and is a must-watch for everyone.


The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners takes you through the teenage era and high school moments. This British TV show revolves around a new kid who wants to fit in with the high school crowd and ends up making three friends. The new friends are actually the inbetweeners since they are neither a part of the cool kids nor part of the nerds.

So they are simply the inbetweeners. If you feel you are getting bored, you should definitely watch this TV show and get some good doses of entertainment.



Another British show that you would not want to miss. Detectorists is a gem among all the thousands of TV shows out there. It takes you in a refreshing world of Andy and Lance who are on a quest to reveal Saxon treasure.

Being members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Society, the two friends, their lives, passion, hobbies, relationship and aspiration to something more than metal scraps will keep you wanting to watch more and more of it. Do check out this awesome TV show and get entertained.



This mini-series has taken over Netflix as being one of the most entertaining and thrill-packed dramas available on the streaming service. The story revolves around the journey to explore the mind of a man who is responsible for a mass shooting.

This British TV drama has a strong storyline which is intense, grievous, and at times heartbreaking too. Southcliffe does not fail to lose your attention even for a second. Do check out this spectacular show on Netflix.



River is no different when it comes to a rollercoaster ride of thrill, entertainment, and suspense. Since the time it has been premiered on Netflix, it instantly gained all the hype and applause from the viewers. This crime drama narrates the story of a detector who is on a mission to solve a murder case.

Showcasing significant issues like corporate crimes or immigration frauds or corruption, the excellent storyline and stand out cinematography make it a win-win on Netflix.


The Fall

Dana Scully’s adorable British accent is one of the main attractions of this show. Yet another suspense, thrill, and excitement packed show about a murder investigation with the primary characters being a police detective Stella Gibson and the serial killer named Paul Spector, both being the opposite sides of a coin.

The Fall is a remarkable show to watch and delve into its tremendous entertainment.


The aforementioned British TV shows should be among the top preferences on your watch list. If you are seeking some high-quality drama, suspense, thrill, humor and excitement on Netflix, these shows will surely meet your expectations.