7 good British movies that are worthy of your time

British movies have always been distinguished by a particular charm, elegant humor, and unique acting. Here we’ve selected 7 of the most emotional and charming ones.


Nowhere Boy, 2009

The movie is based on the book by Lennon’s half-sister Julia Baird, “Imagine-I Grew up with John Lennon”. The film tells about the youth of a famous musician – from birth to his first musical group, and particular emphasis is placed not only on rock and roll and the search for a novice musician himself, but also on his relationship with his mothers — biological, who left him young, and adopted, which became his aunt.

Of course, fans of The Beatles may resent the choice of actors or the brevity of the plot, because in the film you will not see the story of the recognition and worldwide fame of the group. This film is only the beginning of the path that the musician went through, but it is all the more interesting to see where the origins come from, especially the acquaintance with the rest of the members of the “Liverpool four” and the music in the picture will certainly be great.


Tyrannosaur, 2011

A strong social British drama about the inhabitants of a small backwater town, whose life is not at all typical for provincial England. The main characters Joseph and Hannah cope with their problems as best they can. He is disappointed in life, gets drunk in pubs. She is a quiet and kind woman who is bullied by her husband, who seeks solace in prayer. And for him, it can be a real salvation, if only he does not release the “monster” sitting inside.

This movie is not for a one-time watch, it is one of those films after which there is something to reflect on. And the fact that the movie was more than successful is confirmed by a whole bunch of awards for directing, the work of the actors, and, in fact, for the picture itself.


The Selfish Giant, 2013

The beautifully directed emotional film “The Selfish Giant” is an example of what modern British cinema offers today. The plot of the film is the story of Oscar Wilde about a Giant who drove children out of his wonderful garden, for which he was doomed to eternal winter. According to the director’s version, in this film, “the giant” owns a landfill instead of a garden.

The story revolves around two teenage friends, Arbor and Swift. After they are expelled from school, the boys meet Kittena, a local scrap metal collector, and begin working for him, using horses for transportation. The viewer sees how the boys commit one immoral act after another, and all this in the background of a dull industrial slum. Here, each frame is like a request for help: “Do not be indifferent!”, otherwise a tragic ending is inevitable.


Starred Up, 2013

Another story about a difficult teenager, whose wrong actions and decisions lead to imprisonment. Before that, Eric had only been in juvenile detention, and now he was being transferred to an adult prison, where, without learning how to defend himself, you can not survive. In the same prison sits the boy’s father Neville, who occupies a fairly high place in the hierarchy that has developed here.

Eric does not respond to his father’s warnings and gets into new trouble. The film has several prestigious film awards from the European Film Academy, the British Independent Film Awards, and BAFTA Scotland.


An Inspector Calls, 2015

An Inspector calls  is a drama-thriller in the best English traditions. Imagine, England, the beginning of the 20th century, suddenly the festive dinner of the rich Burling family is interrupted by the visit of a certain Inspector Gula, who tells them the news about the suicide of a girl.

The interesting thing is that every member of the family knew her. That’s just the version of suicide Rumble pushes into the background, and now each family member will have to answer the questions accumulated by the inspector. By the way, the film is a remake of the 1954 version.


Philomena, 2013

Philomena shows how a cruel system broke the fate of thousands of women. In 1951, a young Irish woman, Philomena, became pregnant as a teenager. Her father sent her to a convent, and after the birth of her son, Philomena was forced to work in a laundry to pay off the expenses of her maintenance.

Meanwhile, the nuns, without even warning her, gave the girl’s son for adoption to a rich family. In the film, the viewer already observes the life of Philomena in our days, and her search for her son, or at least some answers to such painful questions. The film has several prestigious film awards, as well as nominations for “Golden Globe” and “Oscar”, including for the female role (Judi Dench).


Their Finest, 2016

The comedy-drama, based on the novel by Lissa Evans, pictures how the British capital during the Second World War tried to maintain the morale of the nation. The main character, aspiring screenwriter Catherine Cole, is given the task of learning about the heroic act of two sisters who participated in the Dunkirk operation, who did not perform any feats. That’s how illusions are broken. Well, Catherine will have to learn how to create myths, especially since she needs to prove to her male colleagues that women can also do something in the cinematograph.

These movies not only fun to watch, but they are also very educational in terms of historical events, and human relationships. They can inspire students for writing great essays and writing assignments at College. If academic writing is still an issue, students can contact dissertation help for support.