A quiet shelving from Netflix

The past few months have been pretty tough for the entertainment industry.

Whilst some forms of entertainment such as gaming have found a strong foothold particularly in the online gambling section where mobile games have really been finding a surge of new players despite the recent changes to certain regulations and initiatives through sites such as the Best Casinos, but not all forms of entertainment have been so lucky as unfortunately plenty of shows and movies have been cancelled or postponed for the time being.

One of the big favourites recently “shelved” in this way is the more recent period drama of Mindhunter – the show follows the development and emergence for the behavioural unit of the FBI at a time in the US where there had been a prolific problem with serial killers. The show had shown some of the bigger names with Ed Kemper, Charles Manson, and Dennis Rader to mention just a few with many anticipating the third season to start.

The good news for fans is that the show isn’t “cancelled” but more just on hold – whilst the cast have seemingly been released from the show it has been suggested that this is because the director is currently working on a movie and another TV show at this point in time and didn’t want the cast to be waiting when they could be working on other projects, with the expectation that they’ll all return once things are picked up again – the real question is around whether or not it will be picked up again.


With so much uncertainty for many shows lately, any extended break could seem a little a risky – trying to get something back off the ground after an extended period of time especially during a time where many are struggling could show bad signs for the future.

There is of course some other mixed news – whilst the cast and crew reportedly loved working with Fincher throughout season one and two, Fincher himself has stated that he isn’t exactly thrilled to do another length location shoot and had been hoping to get a bigger production budget.

The second season released quite some time after the first and did so very quietly so perhaps there is a little hope that season three may do the same and just appear a little off the map, but that isn’t looking likely – with period dramas growing in popularity and crime dramas also still hanging on very well there’s certainly a gap for the third season to come back strong, and with the season three storyline seemingly leaning toward some more focus on Dennis Rader who hadn’t been caught until 2005 there was still plenty of story of explore and a huge time period up until recent years to cover too, all that’s left to do is hope there’s still significant interest in bringing the show back and to reignite one of the more popular period dramas that has been set in a time still quite recent for many of us.