A resurgence for Period Dramas?

We see movies and TV go through ebbs and flows in popularity, we’re seemingly on the backend of the fantasy and superhero genres as production on the biggest titles have started to slow and something will need to take its place.

It has become a little different now, however, as it isn’t just the big screen that needs to be thought of – many brands are starting to find big crossovers particularly into gaming as a growing number of online services are starting to use popular characters or themes in their games, this is particularly prevalent in online casinos as a leading character is often used as the main focus of a game or the theme around the style.

This is proving popular amongst players, when picking up different bonuses, such as the Coral welcome offer. This offers bonuses for both new and returning players to the site, which can then be used to play these different themed games in question. As a growing number of users turn to online gambling services they can also often be in part responsible for the shifting of genres. This is a trend that is likely to continue growing moving forward.

It seems the next big move may be toward period dramas as many appear to be growing very quickly in popularity, whilst they may be a little harder to brand in the way other genres such as the superhero trope are, it seems many are getting a huge following once again – whilst they may not appear in your favourite game app, which are some of the most highly anticipated period dramas coming this year?


Year Of The Rabbit

The British comedy starring Matt Berry is set to have its second season released at some point this year, whilst no date has been given yet fans can expect to see it back on their screens soon enough. Set in Victorian-era London, this comedy follows a funny detective and his hapless partner as they fight crime in London’s east end.



The popular adaptation from the book series has been wildly popular and earlier this year fans saw the release of season 5, the early seasons had received a little criticism for the ups and downs in quality but many have come to find the show as one of their favourites – the finally episode of season 5 aired on May 10th, but if you haven’t checked it out just yet it may be worthwhile as we wait for the lockdown measures to ease some more.


The Last Kingdom

Another big name that has grown in popularity recently has been with the Last Kingdom, following a similar style which made Vikings so popular, the show set in late 9th century England has grown from strength to strength. Season 4 has recently finished which is worth taking a look at if you haven’t already, but as season 5 has already been confirmed there’s plenty to look forward to.


Carnival Row

The popular Amazon Prime title began filming its second season in September 2019, the Victorian fantasy world bridges the gap a little between period drama and fantasy and quickly rose to become of the platforms most successful titles – it is expected that season 2 will hit Prime sometime in late 2020, but if you haven’t watched the first season just yet it may be worth checking out whilst you wait.