A Selection of Famous English Films for Students Who Love the Story of the Titanic

Titanic is a 1998 masterpiece by James Cameron, and everyone loves it. If you are a fan of Titanic, here are some other famous English movies that will impress you.

The story of the Titanic involves a British steamship that sank on April 15, 1912. It led to the death of more than 1,500 passengers. This luxury ship sank in the early hours off the coast of Newfoundland after crashing into an iceberg on its maiden voyage.

This ship has inspired lots of books, films, and articles. The Titanic is one of the amazing movies that has entered the students’ consciousness as one of the cautionary tales about the perils of human hubris. There is an interesting story about ill-fated lovers based on two real people.

Why the topic of Titanic is popular among students

There are several reasons why the story of the Titanic holds an exciting place in history. What captured many people’s imagination back then was that it was the most opulent and one of the largest ships ever built in the world. Titanic was also said to be the fastest vessel ever created.

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The Titanic was advertised as an unsinkable ship, and its sheer luxury was unparalleled. Even the newspapers had proclaimed before it sailed that it was unsinkable. Those days, technology had started to ramp up in truly amazing ways, and most scientists worldwide felt that humans could do nearly anything through technology. Some students love the Titanic film because it helps them connect the way its sinking helped shape the world in the 1900s in disparate fundamental ways.

As stated above, several English films or British movies are influenced by the story of the Titanic. This is due to the need for tragedy and the use of real-life events in fiction. Most famous films related to the story of the Titanic are centered around the theme of love.

Here is a selection of famous English Films for students who love the story of Titanic.



This British film comprises a recognizable, outstanding, and realistic performance set in a heartbreaking, uncomfortably believable tragic tale. It’s a film that will leave you speechless and in awe for several hours.

It is intricately woven to the extent that if you ruin one part of the storyline for anyone, the film’s impact is slightly lessened. Just like the famous Titanic film, you will also understand more about war, where some characters do whatever they can to survive.


The Young Victoria

It is a British movie directed by Jean-Marc Vallee. This film also features the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert. It’s the dramatization of her hassles during her early years of rule and her indissoluble romance with Prince Albert.

Watching this film will help you understand how Queen Victoria resented authority and hated being ordered about. Her love life is full of hassles because she meets no one not vetted by the palace hierarchy. This makes her feel like she has no meaningful independence.


Notting Hill

This is a romantic comedy directed by Roger Michell and a screenplay written by Richard Curtis. It’s a very entertaining and intelligent film that makes Notting Hill like a street you will die to walk on. The relationship between the characters in this film is shown compassionately.

Another exciting thing about this English film is the fantastic cinematography and the visuals. At some point, when Thacker is walking through the market, the weather changes gradually, indicating a passing time. The beautiful soundtrack recites the mood of the whole film in a compelling way.


Brief Encounter

In this film, a woman is tempted to cheat on her husband after meeting a stranger at a railway station. The songs or the melodies associated with this film will stay in your mind for most of your life. Brief Encounter works because of the exquisite chemistry between Laura Jesson and Alec Harvey.

Even though the two are not the epitome of handsomeness and great beauty, they relate in an amazing way to watch. It’s even hilarious how these two illicit lovers keep hoping their love will end well, and they know they have no future from the start.   


The King’s Speech

Starring Colin Firth, The King’s Speech is about the story of King George VI’s unexpected ascension to the throne of the British Empire in the year 1936. One of the most amazing aspects of this film is George’s bravery.

It’s the kind of courage that wakes one up to the character as lovable and complex and not flamboyant courage. The King’s Speech will gently introduce you to a time when the British rule when the alliances are not explicit and allegiances dangerous.


The Duchess

The Duchess is a historical drama directed by Saul Dibb based on Amanda Foreman’s biography. It’s a chronicle of the 18-century life of the aristocrat Georgina, the Duchess of Devonshire, highly reviled for extravagant personal and political life.

The Duchess’s script is well-written and gripping. It’s set at the end of the eighteenth century and delves into a doomed and passionate affair of Georgina with Earl Gray and Ralph Fiennes. It shows the pain of the Duchess’s loveless marriage that is etched into her face.


If you are looking for an epic of love tales similar to the Titanic, look no further than the British films discussed above. These classic English films will help you understand the struggles in past times of love between different classes.