Activities for Period Drama Lovers that Aren’t Watching TV

As the country embraces the warmer weather, the lure of sitting inside watching a period drama is waning.

Of course, nothing beats a cup of tea and a box set, but for those looking to expand their collection of activities, here are a few suggestions that have been curated explicitly for British period drama fans.


Strategy Games for Lovers of Crime Dramas

What is it that makes the crime drama fanatics keep coming back to the genre, to sit on the edge of their seats night after night? It is the suspense, intrigue, anticipation, and strategy that comes from a quality crime drama. If one was to distill an entire crime series into a game, the result would probably be the game Cluedo. This classic murder mystery game has been popular for years, and for a good reason, it requires the perfect mix of skill, strategy, and anticipation.

Cluedo has inspired the increasingly popular murder mystery dinner party, which works similarly, although acted out with friends or family. For those looking for an even more interactive experience, video games such as LA Noir, Red Dead Redemption II, and Assassins Creed III are perfect. If actually playing the game does not appeal as much as simply watching the strategy play out, why not increase the sense of suspense by using esports betting to get a shot of adrenaline when watching similar games.


Fans of the Costume Drama

For those who watch period dramas as much for the costumes as for anything else, why not try out some arts and crafts. It doesn’t have to involve creating your own ball gown in the style of those worn in the Marie Antoinette movie, you can just make a small-scale project in a style that was common to a specific era.

Embroidery has been popular for centuries; however, particular styles differ significantly from era to era. For example, Jacobean embroidery often depicts pastoral scenes with thicker crewel thread, in warm-toned hues. In contrast, the embroidery of the 18th century was, thanks to the increased accessibility of silk, much more detailed and refined. Engaging with such activities is a great way to bring a bit of the beauty of the period into one’s own home.


Read the Story that Inspired the Series

Whether one fell in love with Jeremy Iron’s portal of Charles Ryder in Brideshead Revisited or the charm of Mrs. Dalloway, why not pick up a copy of the novels that inspired these on-screen sensations. Evelyn Waugh and Virginia Woolf are by no means alone with the video adaptations of their works, which means that finding related literature to a favorite film or series shouldn’t be hard.

For those who are more engaged with a particular character, or period in history, why not find out more about it. Taking a period drama as an introduction into an era or movement can be a great way of inspiring further research. This research could take many forms, from visiting a relevant historical location, museum, reading nonfiction books on the subject, or even just enjoying a documentary.