Best British Movies for Students

Studying at college requires being serious most of the time.

Attending classes, completing numerous assignments, and preparing for exams often make students stressed out or even depressed. This means they need some relaxation and entertainment. One of the best ways to unwind is to watch a good movie in a nice company.

Watching movies can be very beneficial for students who are overwhelmed about how to write my essay. Watching a film after studying sets a perfect mode of relaxation. Resting is really necessary after working hard on tasks and research papers. Taking time for relaxation re-energizes your brain and makes prepared for more assignments in the future.

Engaging your mind in an amazing movie story is a great way to forget about the intense schedule. Try not to choose a film with an intricate storyline, pick a funny comedy, or re-watch your favorites instead.

College life is challenging, therefore, students may lose motivation as a result of study problems. You may sometimes feel a lack of energy and no desire to study because balancing academic work and fun is not easy. If you experience emotional burnout and can not pick yourself up, find a motivational movie that can boost your desire to learn, or order an essay. Some movies can really motivate you to study harder and not to lose track of your main goal. Motivational films can help you not to give up and keep working towards your objectives.

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Besides, movies can have educational value. Some of them are a good way to learn more about different aspects of life, like environmental issues, mental health, and so on. Moreover, watching films in a foreign language can boost your language skills.

As you see, watching movies is a highly beneficial experience for students. While choosing the one you’ll enjoy, consider the following British films.


1. To Sir with Love

This is a drama film created in 1967 that was based on an autobiographical novel by E. R. Braithwaite. This movie raises racial and social problems in an inner-city school. It reflects some of the issues and worries of teens in the 60s.

Its thought-provoking plot tells the story about a beginning teacher who faces a class of undisciplined punks. Students try to destroy his personality as they did it with his predecessor. But surprisingly, they don’t manage to break his spirit. The newbie meets the challenge set by teenagers by treating them as young adults. Unexpectedly, the risk that the situation will change arises. Watch the movie to find out why!


2. Tormented

This is a comedy horror directed by Jon Wright and produced by BBC Films, Slingshot Studios, Pathe, and Screen West Midlands. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2009 and got extremely controversial reviews from critics. Some of them praised the humor and cast of this movie, whereas others criticized the formulaic plot. The storyline centers on a group of students who were stalked and murdered by the ghost of a teenager that was bullied.


3. The Falling

This is a mystery drama movie directed by Carol Morley. Its production started in October 2013 and it was premiered in 2014 at the BFI London Film Festival. ‘The Falling‘ was released in the UK in April 2015. It’s a mesmerizing psychological drama that investigates a mysterious fainting outbreak that takes place at an all-girls school in 1969.


4. How to Build a Girl

This is a comedy film directed by Coky Giedroyc from a screenplay by Caitlin Moran. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Moran in 2014. The premiere of How to Build a Girl was in September 2019 and it won Special Presentations Award. This movie was released in the United Kingdom in July 2020 by Lionsgate.

It tells the story of a girl who has a very vivid imagination that she uses to escape from her life. She lives out her creative fantasies and unexpectedly becomes a music critic which changes her life. But one day these changes become too overwhelming, so she has a real existential crisis. She’s not sure if she became the type of person that she wanted to be. The girl begins to think that maybe she should start over and build her life from the ground up again.
Watch the movie to see what she decides to do eventually.


5. Get Real

This is a British-American romantic comedy-drama film that was directed by Simon Shore in 1998 and was based on the play What’s Wrong with Angry by Patrick Wilde. This movie tells a story about a gay teenager Stephen coming out to the world when homosexuality was an absolute taboo in England. Sensitive Stephen does his best to hide his feelings from everybody except his neighbor, a young girl Linda. He desperately tries to search for partners in a small rural town and one day he meets a golden boy John Dixon. Boys fall in love with each other but John is afraid of losing his social status. Watch this movie to see how they manage their secret relationship.


Movies offered in this article are both informative and inspirational. They reflect personal problems and life challenges as well as carry powerful messages.

If you are really tired of your study, choose one of these movies to detach from the world and forget about your assignments. Sometimes you need to relax properly to be able to work harder, so don’t view movies as a distraction from educational goals. Taking a break from numerous academic tasks is essential for your productivity. Moreover, most students can’t spend too much money on entertainment, so watching movies is a great affordable alternative to entertain themselves.


Author’s BIO:

Paul Calderon a big fan of the cinematograph. He’s obsessed with watching movies and sharing reviews on the Internet. Paul believes there is nothing better than watching a movie after a long tiring day as it the best way to relax and learn something new about life.