Best British TV shows about schools and teachers

The teaching profession capture in movies and shows has been limited despite teachers having a distinctly important role to play in students’ lives.

Teachers in movies have always been put on the sidelines of most plots despite being the ones who need to be highly recognized and praised for even a month than a day that celebrates their existence. Here are some British TV shows with plots covering schools and teachers. The teachers are at the center of the movie plot.


  1. Ackley Bridge

The series has its setting in Northern England and starts with two schools struggling financially and are forced to merge. The show’s focus is on the adults running the school and not exclusively on the kids covered in the show.

  1. Big School

Big School is a sitcom that portrays the relationship between teachers who are working in Greybridge Secondary School. One character, known as David Walliams, acts as Keith Church, a naïve teacher who teaches Chemistry and has a crush on the newly employed teacher called Sarah Postern.

  1. Derry Girls

Derry Girls is an interesting series of the Northern Irish focusing on students and Sister Miguel as the headmistress with hilarious lines. It gives rise to the teenage nostalgia existing in the 1990s and has two of its seasons out while the third season is postponed due to the corona pandemic effects and restrictions.

  1. Chalk

Chalk is a sitcom with the setting in a comprehensive school by the name of Galfast High. The sitcom characters include David Bamber, acting as Eric Slatt, a deputy headmaster overstressed about life. However, the show has received backlash from union teachers’ unions and teachers themselves as it does not bring to light the bright side of teachers.

  1. Class

It is a school-based TV show classified as classic and focused on five students and Coal Hill Academy staff members.  These characters need to counteract an alien threat meanwhile keeping control of their personal and school life. However, despite the solid reviews it received, it only has one season.

  1. Teachers

The series plot focuses on the lives of secondary school teachers. The main star in the series is Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead show. It portrays teachers as having unique lives of drinking, going on dates, and smoking. It creates a not-boring teaching life, with most episodes having set in local pubs and old-school music playing throughout.

  1. Hex

The Hex show is set at a remote English school with a darkening history. The show’s setting is dark and supernatural as the school is located in a place originally home to witchcraft executions and trials. The teacher and some students have unique abilities shown in the show mixed with drama and fantasy.


There are other shows, such as Man Down and Rita, among many other, that teachers are central in the plot. It is high time that teachers are appreciated in the movie and video industry. Other British Shows about teachers and students continue being introduced into the market and made available on Netflix channel and other sites.