A few of the best casino themed movies

Casino themed movies have revolved around mobsters and dangerous people for many decades.

The manner in which Las Vegas casinos were portrayed a few decades ago has changed and the new films have a different perspective on gambling. As the society has evolved, so did the manner in which people look at gambling and those who enjoy casino games, there are a bunch of sites to choose from. The latest casino themed films highlight the skills needed to succeed in this competitive environment, where the house is supposed to always win.


Ocean’s 13

Ocean’s 13 is an exceptional film and even though it is not about casino games, it is one of the first that comes to mind when people think about casino themed movies. It is a sequel to the equally popular Ocean’s 11, with an amazing cast, full of gifted actors and an interesting story. Those who have watched the previous films in the series will surely be familiar with the characters, but the plot is brand-new.

Danny Ocean and his crew are back into the spotlight, trying to pull off something incredible in Las Vegas. They have a new villain to deal with and once again, this is a familiar face, a former ally who goes by the name of Willy Bank. In an interesting turn of events, the crew needs to join forces with Terry Benedict, which was their arch enemy in Ocean’s 11. Moviegoers will have the chance to admire the luxurious interiors of iconic Las Vegas casinos and get immersed into the atmosphere.



Blackjack fans felt vindicated by the release of 21, one of the first Hollywood blockbusters dedicated to this iconic game of chance. Luck plays an important role in the outcome of each gaming session, but there’s also a lot of skill involved and good use of math. The movie starts from an interesting idea that counting cards can give players the advantage, while wiping out the house edge entirely. Kevin Spacey plays the role of a college professor who takes his brightest students to Las Vegas to beat the odds.

21 has the merit of explaining how card counting works and how intelligent signaling symbols are used by players working together to beat the system. Card counting is not a new concept, but it only works in land-based casinos, where up to six decks of cards are being used. Over the Internet, the decks are shuffled after each hand, so the count counting prowess of online players doesn’t matter at all.


Rain Man

Rain Man is a Hollywood masterpiece that transcends genres and it is much more than a casino themed film. The growing relationship between the brothers portrayed by Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman is at the cornerstone of this Hollywood drama.

The casino elements are nonetheless powerful and viewers learn how the house edge can be offset by truly gifted individuals. Raymond’s intelligence and memory are well beyond the ability of regular people, so casino players can’t actually use the lessons learned from the film to win a fortune in Las Vegas.