Best Live Streaming Services

Well, it is no surprise that we need entertainment in our lives.

Entertainment especially cinematic makes us forget all our worries and is enough to keep us steady with the natural flow of life. The first movie or the first television was made decades ago and the joy that it brought is the same that we still feel when a new TV show or movie or our favorite sports is aired on our devices, televisions, or smart devices. Technology has so much evolved that we can watch anything, from anywhere, at any time: and all of this is attainable with few simple things.

This article focuses largely on the live streaming services that have come out as groundbreaking innovations in the entertainment industry after the regular video-on-demand streaming services.


Live streaming services are somewhat similar to an all in one resource to suffice your entertainment needs. They accompany the commonality of digital TV and the comfort of streaming platforms. It would not be right to state that live streaming services are the ideal mix of the two finishes.

You can begin with live streaming services at any time with the following essential requirements:

A fast internet connection is an unquestionable requirement. You can’t get to anything when utilizing streaming services without the internet thus you need to settle on this choice in the best style. Get associated with an ISP that is dependable and offers super quick download speeds for continuous diversion.

With superfast internet you can also enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite shows/games using OBS Streaming on Cloud Desktop.

For your help, we have researched a lot and to be fair, Spectrum bundle deals are all affordable and dynamically on-point providing internet speeds as high as 940 Mbps without any data cap restrictions or cancellation charges.

If you have a smart TV lying around in your living room like the other 109 million U.S. households, you are good to go to consume the live content from streaming services. Notwithstanding, if not, or if your smart TV isn’t very much modern, you should perhaps look into buying a streaming device like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or a gaming console that can be very much utilized for streaming.


Price per month: 64.99 USD

DVR capacity:  Unlimited for 9 months

Channel count: More than 85 channels

Streams at the same time: Three

Perhaps the best platform with regards to live streaming, lodging in excess of more than 85 channels in the basic plan only, YouTube TV incorporates significant nearby and worldwide network channels including MTV, CNN, ESPN, and Comedy Central. It flaunts some extraordinary sports channels also including MLB Network, ESPN Network, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NFL Network, and NBA TV.

One of the highlights that make this service ideal is its limitless DVR limit that allows you to record live content and watch for a time of right around nine months.

It functions admirably with Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, LG TVs, PS 4, and Samsung TVs.


Price per month: 55 USD – 80 USD

DVR capacity: 500 hrs

Channel count: 45 – 60 channels

Streams at the same time: Three

AT&T TV Now is the very streaming platform that we previously knew as DirecTV Now. It is among the streaming services that house a wide scope of premium channels like CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN, Nickelodeon, and ABC. Overhauling your bundle to get sports channels is likewise an alternative with regards to AT&T TV Now. Moreover, it includes a lot of channels with international content.

It functions admirably with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and Android TV.


Price per month: 64.99 USD – 84.99 USD

DVR capacity: 250 – 1000 hrs

Channel count: 109 – 156 channels

Streams at the same time: Three

For sports lovers, subscribing to fuboTV is the ideal decision. You get just about a hundred channels with the base arrangement of fuboTV and that also including significant networks like TLC and AMC. It brings practically all the famous local and global sports channels and will empower you to watch sports content as huge as watching German Supercup and English Premier League. You would likewise discover stations like Disney and ABC with some incredible video-on-request films too.

It functions admirably with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Android TV, and Samsung TVs.


Price per month: 20 USD

DVR capacity: Unlimited for one month

Channel count: 60 channels

Streams at the same time: Three

Philo is the least expensive type of live streaming. It is ideal if you need to have the option to stream anyplace, whenever without going through an excessive amount of cash. It offers around sixty stations including popular network channels like Discovery, BET, Hallmark Channel, TLC, HGTV, VH1, and A&E. However, sports lovers might realize that this service does not satisfy their thirst for sports.

It functions admirably with Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Android TV, and Roku.


Price per month: 30 USD – 45 USD

DVR capacity: 10 hrs

Channel count: 30 – 50 channels

Streams at the same time: One to Four depending on the package

Sling TV is frequently thought of as the Kids’ TV due to the gigantic measure of children’s positive channels. It has a simple UI and the reality that it is economical makes it mainstream. Sling TV accompanies three plans. Albeit the quantity of channels isn’t so incredible, you should realize that you do not need to bother yourself with all those channels nobody watches anyway. Everybody is keen on a couple of channels and if you get each one of those with this assistance, there is no need to pay more for channels you don’t need. Sling Blue and Sling Orange arrangement cost a similar measure of 30 USD with Blue arrangement having 47 channels flaunting FOX and NBC and Orange having 32 channels flaunting Disney and ESPN.

It functions admirably with Google Chromecast, AirTV Player, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TVs, LG TVs, and Xbox.