Best shows on Netflix to watch in quarantine

In these strange times of Covid-19 chaos, and social distancing being practiced, Netflix is a life-saver.

Memes suggesting to share the streaming website’s password are being circulated across the internet as a joke. With constant updates on the crisis, Netflix can truly act as a spirit up lifter.

According to CNN, the majority of people across Europe are using Netflix at the same time which results in servers to slow down to prevent the internet from collapsing. So, this brings us to what to watch as we have got nowhere to go and nothing much to do for fun.

Netflix has unlimited options to browse from under many categories depending on what you like seeing. This article gives the ultimate list of the best timeless shows that individuals all over the world have appreciated and adored. They will make you embark on a roller coaster of emotions making you happy, sad, laugh, weep, scared and even learn.

In no particular order, here are the shows that will keep you entertained for a long time to come:


  1. Friends

Probably the most famous series of all time, Friends is an absolute classic sitcom. It is also known as that one shows that people have re-watched endlessly. The jokes are humorous and the characters make you fall in love with their diverse and witty personalities. It revolves around five friends, their overlapping lives and many life lessons. No matter what type of shows you are fond of, you will end up binge-watching this one!


  1. Money Heist

A Spanish show that took the world up by a storm, Money Heist has two seasons that will glue you to your screen. Thrilling from the very first episode, the third season is all set to come until April and the trailer has gotten the fans on the edge of their seats. You will be able to witness a remarkably well-planned robbery take place in front of your eyes. Do not worry, the subtitles are available in a couple of languages and even if you do not understand Spanish, you will be muttering the iconic Bella Ciao song under your breath.


  1. Stranger Things

Set in the early ’80s, the props, acting and set will make you want to go back in time. Do not mistake it for a kiddy series and boogeymen. Truly dark but with a fun dose of humor and a huge fan-following, the series is based on a gifted girl with the power to move things with her mind, leading to a whole world of conspiracy and adventure. If you would like to recall everything about Stranger Things, test your knowledge in this trivia quiz.


  1. The Big Bang Theory

Bazinga! You do not have to be a geek to adore this one. It follows the life of scientists and the entertaining journey that they embark on, leads you to rethink the entire existence of nerds in the world. Sheldon, a misfit, OCD scientist is our favorite character because he makes us believe that true love can change the weirdest of men. With a top-notch rating and twelve seasons, you’ll be wanting your quarantine to never end.


  1. YOU

Based on the best-selling book, this show will make you thank the Lord for being safely locked inside your homes. It follows the story of a stalker who goes to all the lengths in search of acceptance. It makes you realize that the calmest man could be a psychopath, saving every move you make and spying on you in unimaginable ways. A little slow at first, the show picks up pace in the wildest manner. We are in awe of the narration!


  1. The Crown

This is a history lesson that you are bound to love. It circles the real-life of Queen Elizabeth II and the royals around her. The award-winning actors all give a marvelous performance and the resemblance of their faces and the set to the real-life happenings is uncanny! It is a must-watch for all the history fanatics out there.


  1. The Haunting of Hill House

The virus is not the only fear that will keep you up at night. The Haunting of Hill House is a paranormal show that shows the tale of a disturbed family who briefly lived in a house full of entities. The supernatural spine-chilling occurrences are visually alarming and will give you scares to last a lifetime. Unlike most other modern horrors, this show has a very strong plot. It is certainly not for the weak-hearted.


  1. How to Get Away with Murder

Remember those formidable murder cases you always came across on the news with the murderer being let loose which made you question how it happened? Well, a team of exceptional lawyers is your answer. Annalise Keating will boggle your mind with her criminal defense lawyer skills and low-key you will want to change your occupation!


  1. Orange is the New Black

What happens behind prison cells? How do women charged for crimes live amongst each other? A delightful storyline with lots of drama, unfair happenings and steamy behind-the-wall happenings, which will make you binge-watch the entire series. Time to stock up on some butter popcorn!


  1. Sherlock

Sherlock is a British crime television series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective book series. Astonishing to say the least, Sherlock is one of the most thought-provoking and entertaining mystery series to watch. Jump on the fictitious boat of adventures with Sherlock and Dr. Watson today!


  1. Black Mirror

You think you know how disturbing the future can get, but Black Mirror surprises us with what the upcoming years hold for humanity based on current happenings, trends, and fads. Each episode is different, revolving around the major aspect of technology ruling our lives.


Now that you have eleven shows lined up to keep you company during this lockdown, you will be amazed to see how fun the Netflix and chill life can be. Some of these shows might not be available for streaming in your region if you are not residing in the USA, however, you can download the ones that are not Netflix originals.

In case, you do not want to watch TV shows, you can always go for the On-Demand titles, which are offered by most cable providers, for example, Spectrum cable tv, a service that comes with thousands of On-Demand titles so that you never run out of options to watch something on your TV. So, let’s hope that you will find something interesting to watch in this time of quarantine.